Welcome to the new era of CNCO. After a line-up change, Christopher Vélez, Richard Camacho, Erick Brian Cólon, and Zabdiel De Jesús are carrying on with the beloved Latin boy band. They guys have officially christened the group’s next chapter with their music video for “Toa La Noche.” In an exclusive interview with Crema, CNCO talked about their sexier sound, taking more control of their careers, and the upcoming Toa La Noche Tour.

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The guys of CNCO are in their nueva era.

In May, CNCO lost a member when Joel Pimentel exited the group. The guys made it known that they supported his decision and Pimentel has shown love for the group moving on. CNCO has called their time as a quartet “la nueva era.”

“[The new era] feels incredible,” Vélez tells mitú. “It’s like we’re starting all over, not from scratch, but from a point going forward. It’s like reinventing again everything that we’ve done. It feels amazing. It feels good.”

CNCO returned to the stage at last month’s Premios Juventud.

CNCO launched their new era last month at Premios Juventud. The guys performed as a quartet for the time and debuted their new single “Toa La Noche” in a live performance. They didn’t miss a beat with their return to the stage.

“That performance was very special for us,” De Jesús says. “That was one of the award shows that opened the doors for us. For us to be there with our first song as four members was like going back to the beginning. It was really nice. We were really nervous, but at the end of the day, we were proud of the work that we did.”

“Toa La Noche” is definitely CNCO’s sexiest song yet.

The guys in CNCO have gone from boys to hombres in front of the world since forming on La Banda in 2015. With every album, they’ve up slowly cranked up the heat on their songs. Now that the members in their early twenties, they’re singing about showing their lovers a good night in “Toa La Noche.” The song and the music video are definitely the steamiest releases from CNCO yet.

“‘Toa La Noche’ is a taste of what’s going to come,” Cólon says with smirk. “There’s more sexy songs coming with really mature lyrics. Like way more [mature lyrics] than people are used to hearing from us. We’re so excited for those songs to come out. We can’t wait.”

“We’re just evolving at the end of the day with our fans,” Camacho adds. “That’s the point. We’re not jumping from one stage to another. We want to grow with them. We want them to party with us. We just want to have a good time.”

The guys are also taking control over the future of CNCO.

CNCO wrote “Toa La Noche” with Wisin and La Base, the team behind their debut album, in a songwriting camp in Puerto Rico. In this new era, the guys are more hands-on with the music they’re making and the band’s image going forward.

“We’re 100 percent more involved in everything that’s happening in our careers right now,” Vélez says. “We’re overseeing everything and every aspect of our careers. We went to the studio with Wisin. We had a [songwriting] camp. We wrote 10 songs.”

“Honestly, I think this is going to be one of the best times for CNCO,” Cólon adds. “We’re not just super involved in the music, but we’re also super involved in our image, how we want to look, with the visuals, and with the videos.”

There could be a CNCO and Selena Gomez collaboration in the future.

As for who CNCO wants to work with next, the guys list Daddy Yankee, Sech, J Balvin, and Jay Wheeler. When I mention that maybe De Jesús can get a Selena Gomez collaboration going, Camacho says, “That would be hot.” De Jesús agrees and says, “That could be fire.” Zabdiel co-wrote the song “Buscando Amor” on her Revelación EP. Camacho and Vélez tell De Jesús to call Gomez, in which he playfully pretends to reach his cell phone.

Don’t miss CNCO’s Toa La Noche tour this summer.

Fans will be able to join CNCO for their new era on the Toa La Noche Tour. The tour kicks off on Aug. 9 in Austin and will hit major cities across the U.S. through September. The concerts will be more intimate in smaller venues and clubs.

“We want to party really hard with people there,” De Jesús says. “That’s the plan, so come with comfortable clothes because you’re going to dance a lot.”

“You’re going to sweat with us,” Vélez says.

“I feel like the best era of CNCO is about to come, so be ready,” Cólon adds.

Watch our full interview below:

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