On the eve of her ninth death anniversary, Chiquis revealed on her podcast, “Chiquis and Chill,” new details about her relationship with her mother.

In the episode, Chiquis shares never-before-heard stories about her life, obstacles she has conquered in her career, her biggest successes as an artist and as a businesswoman and how she navigates relationships.

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Chiquis remembered how her mom tried to block her from everything, including her will.

While Chiquis remembered some of the good times she shared with her mother, she mainly focused on disclosing topics that she was unable to speak publicly about. In particular, when Jenni Rivera decided to block Chiquis from her social media profiles, email, phone number and more after having suspicions that Chiquis had a relationship with her then-husband, Esteban Loaiza.

One day that Chiquis recalls vividly was October 2, 2012, when she received an email from Jenni with the subject line: Lights On. In the email, Jenni had made up her mind about Chiquis and Esteban having an affair, saying that everything that Jenni thought about was right, and that Chiquis was sleeping with Esteban and she could “clearly see because the lights were on.”

In fact, it was a woman that had come into his life a couple months before, and in Chiquis words “started to throw veneno and evilness into her ear” and wanted Jenni to think it was Janney.

That night, Chiquis read the email and went home to talk to her mother, but it was too late: Jenni had changed her phone number, email, and even blocked Chiquis from Twitter, in addition to removing her from the inheritance. Chiquis was emotionally wrecked after the accusations, and was unable to talk to her mother after the fact. For her, this was the first time she felt she lost her mother, and according to a therapist she saw after this argument, they suggested she move on with her life as if her mother was already gone.

However, this happened only a few weeks before the tragic plane accident that took Jenni’s life, and Chiquis took on the responsibility of helping her siblings. In Chiquis words, helping her siblings is “the inheritance my mom left me.”

“I always had faith that we were going to talk. That we were going to talk and sit down, and clear it up and that everything was going to be fine, but again, there wasn’t enough time,” Chiquis shared.

On the 9th anniversary of her mother’s death, Chiquis opened up about how she’ll honor her mother, and encourages listeners to make time for their loved ones while they’re still with us.

Listen to the latest episode of “Chiquis and Chill” here.

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