Spanish rapper C. Tangana is back with his new single “Ateo,” and he teamed up with Argentine singer-songwriter Nathy Peluso for the duet. In the unbelievable music video, the two artists share some hot-and-heavy moments.

C. Tangana and Nathy Peluso share nine nominations at this year’s Latin Grammys.

C. Tangana is one of the most-nominated artists at this year’s Latin Grammy Awards. He was nominated five times for the work on his breakthrough album El Madrileño. Previous Best New Artist nominee Peluso received four nominations.

Nathy Peluso goes bachata in “Ateo” with C. Tangana.

“Nathy was the perfect partner for [‘Ateo’],” C. Tangana said in a statement. “[We] share a rap background and are sonically exploring other traditional music styles.”

C. Tangana wrote “Ateo” with Peluso and his longtime producer Alizzz. The collaboration blends bachata with elements of Spanish flamenco music. C. Tangana and Peluso trade beautiful verses about finding a romance that makes them believe in love again. They’re a dream duo that we didn’t know we needed. Thank heavens for this sweet love song.

“I immediately felt it was a classic,” Peluso added. “And when we worked together at the studio I reconfirmed that same feeling. It’s a project with a marvelous universe.”

The “Ateo” music video is pretty steamy.

The “Ateo” music video also marks the directorial debut of C. Tangana. Within the walls of the Toledo Cathedral in Spain, he brings to life their magical chemistry from the song. A shirtless Tangana does a bit of dirty dancing with Peluso. For the most part, the duo is incredibly adorable as they’re bumping and grinding to bachata.

“I’ve always worked on the creativity for my videos but this is the first time I’m directing,” C. Tangana said. “Beyond aesthetics, the visual portrays how I feel, showcasing the song and the nuances of the lyrics.”

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