Venezuela’s Latin trap pioneer Big Soto is breaking through with his new album The Good Trip. Across the 19 songs, the rising rapper shows his versatility as an artist, dabbling in R&B, pop, and reggaeton sounds.

Big Soto first generated buzz in 2018 with “Perdon Mama.”

Big Soto released his first album Young Cream in 2017. In the past few years, the 24-year-old has translated his success in Venezuela to the rest of the world. One of the first hits to take off beyond his country was 2018’s “Perdon Mama.” The music video has over 28 million views on YouTube.

Big Soto went global last year with rising stars Natanael Cano and Ovi.

To further extend his reach, Big Soto has also aligned with artists from around the globe. His biggest hit to date is “Vengo De Nada,” his collaboration with Mexican superstars Natanael Cano and Alemán and Cuban rapper Ovi. The song uniquely blended Cano and Ovi’s corridos tumbados sound with the Latin trap that Big Soto is known for.

On The Good Trip, Big Soto teams up with more global artists to diversify his sound. Latido Music is here to pick five of our favorite songs on his breakthrough LP.

“Estrés” with Lyanno and Lérica

Big Soto steps out of his Latin trap comfort zone with Puerto Rican singer Lyanno and Spanish group Lérica. The feel good song about leaving the stress behind blends Lyanno’s reggaeton edge with Lérica’s flamenco-pop sound. It’s great to hear Big Soto lighten up and let himself go to the music.

“Lloro” with Micro TDH

Big Soto aligns with another of Venezuela’s rising stars, Micro TDH. This is one of the more sensual moments on the album. This blend of R&B and reggaeton music is simply irresistible.

“KEKE” with Noriel

In “KEKE,” Big Soto teams up with another Latin trap pioneer, Noriel. This is a knockout collaboration filled with plenty of lyrical fire. Big Soto is in his element and Noriel is his perfect complement here.

“Te Conozco” with Amenazzy

“Te Conozco” is another sexy moment on The Good Trip. Big Soto teams up with Dominican singer Amenazzy. The duo comes through with a slick reggaeton-pop bop. Amenazzy is a breath of fresh air on the LP.

“No Me Sale”

One of the more understated moments on The Good Trip is “No Me Sale.” This is an atmospheric ballad where Big Soto sings his heart out. It’s a song that allows the rapper to show a vulnerable side to his artistry.

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