With Major League Baseball in the middle of the 2023 League Championship, all eyes are on different baseball stars as they hope to get to the World Series. However, there is someone who has already been a lifetime fan of baseball and that’s Puerto Rican superstar Bad Bunny.

Bad Bunny just released his fifth solo album, “Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana.” And alongside the infamous mentions of stars like Shakira, J Balvin and Belinda, El Conejo Malo may also have pitched a few indirectas to several MLB players.

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Some fans noticed Benito name-dropped several players in his lyrics, prompting conversations on Reddit and speculation from different online publications. Let’s take a look at who got a shoutout in a song on Bad Bunny’s latest album.

1. Bryce Harper (Phillies)

 “A lo Bryce Harper, siempre con los fili’ prendío” – “ACHO PR”

Bryce Harper plays right fielder for the Philadelphia Phillies. In the song, “ACHO PR,” featured artist De La Ghetto raps about how he can “turn on fillies like Bryce Harper.” “ACHO PR” is another of Bad Bunny’s songs celebrating Puerto Rican life and the pride that he has for it including the good and bad.

2. Mike Trout (Los Angeles Angels)

 “Palo asegura’o como Mike Trout en Los Angeles” – “THUNDER Y LIGHTNING”

Mike Trout who plays outfielder for the Anaheim Angels also appears in a song on Bad Bunny’s new album. In the song, “THUNDER Y LIGHTNING,” Bad Bunny raps how it’s a guaranteed hit like Mike Trout. “THUNDER Y LIGHTNING” is a song to hype anyone up as Bad Bunny and Eladio Carríon name drop other sports stars like Leo Messi and Kobe Bryant.

3. Randy Arozarena (Tampa Bay Rays)

“Yo mismo me impresiono, como Randy Arozarena” -“NADIE SABE”

Next, Bad Bunny shows love to another MLB player, Randy Aronzarena, in his song, “NADIE SABE.” Arozarena plays outfielder for the Tampa Bay Rays. “NADIE SABE” is the opening song of Bad Bunny’s newest album. On the track, Benito says that he impresses even himself like Randy Arozarena.

4. Edwin Diaz (NY Mets)

“Si Sugar ‘tá en la loma, tú te baja’ en la novena” -“NADIE SABE”

“Maradona and Messi in soccer, but I’m the new star, the contracts like Sugar and Lindor,” -“ACHO PR”

Edwin Diaz is a pitcher for the New York Mets and is also Puerto Rican like Bad Bunny. Diaz is known to go by the nickname Sugar and Bad Bunny uses the nickname rather than Diaz’ real name in two songs. In “NADIE SABE,” he references how fast Diaz can get someone out in the 9th inning. In “ACHO PR,” Bad Bunny compares himself to Diaz because they are both younger stars still working hard to be one of the greats.

5. Francisco Lindor (NY Mets)

“Maradona and Messi in soccer, but I’m the new star, the contracts like Sugar and Lindor” -“ACHO PR”

The other half of this lyric from the song “ACHO PR” includes Francisco Lindor who is the shortstop for the New York Mets. Lindor and Diaz are newer names in baseball but have proven that they deserve to be given a shoutout in Bad Bunny’s new album. 

6. Manny Ramirez (Retired)

“Manny Ramírez, La saco del parque y despué’ la cacho to’as en los fields” -“TELEFONO NUEVO”

Retired Dominican baseball player Manny Ramirez also got a shoutout from Benito. He played in the MLB for 19 seasons as an outfielder. Bad Bunny makes it clear in this lyric that he can “take it out of the park” but also “catch it in the field.” 

7. Albert Pujols (STL Cardinals)

“Roberto Clemente, Albert Pujol’ (Pujol’), Maradona y Messi en el futbol” -“ACHO PR”

Albert Pujols is a retired first baseman for the St. Louis Cardinals. He is only mentioned by name, but it is in a list with other big-name athletes. Pujols is Dominican American and is considered one of the greatest baseball players of all time. He even earned himself the nickname “The Machine.”

8. Reggie Jackson (Retired)

“Caminando en la luna, Michael Jackson, Mr. October, Reggie Jackson” -“MR. OCTOBER”

Reggie Jackson is such a big name in baseball that Bad Bunny didn’t just reference him in one lyric but named the song “MR. OCTOBER” which is Jackson’s nickname. Jackson played 21 seasons as a right fielder and was inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame in 1993. Truly a GOAT. Bad Bunny sings about his rise to fame and how he’s “walking on the moon” like Michael Jackson or Mr. October, Reggie Jackson.