As if Bad Bunny’s resume couldn’t grow any longer, he can add basketball team co-owner to it. The Puerto Rican superstar is now a proud owner of the Los Cangrejeros de Santurce basketball team.

Bad Bunny is a partner for the basketball team with his manager.

The Puerto Rican basketball team made the surprise announcement on Monday morning. Bad Bunny, his manager Noah Assad, and Rimas Entertainment’s Jonathan Miranda are partners in reviving the basketball franchise.

“The main purpose and commitment of this initiative are to help foster positive change on the island,” reads the statement. “The goal is to promote a better future through sports, music, and the arts. The main objective is to encourage ideas and dreams in Puerto Rican youth, which will inspire an authentic and real social transformation.”

The basketball team is receiving an image overhaul under Bad Bunny.

With the announcement of Bad Bunny as co-owner of Los Cangrejeros de Santurce, the basketball ball team also revealed an updated image and jerseys. The red crab behind the team will be meeting the baddest bunny in pop music right now. Images are floating around of merch from the new partnership with Benito. If those prove to be real, you can expect those to sell out quickly like Bad Bunny’s Adidas and Croc shoes.

Bad Bunny’s partnership with Los Cangrejeros de Santurce is not his first foray into basketball. Right before the COVID-19 pandemic in Feb. 2020, Benito participated in the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game. He played on Team Wilbon with singers like Common, Jidenna, and Kane Brown. After Kobe Bryant passed, Bad Bunny dedicated the song “6 Rings” to him.

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