Every Latino has that one family member that stashes cash all over the house, from the OG cookie tin to the hole behind the framed photo of abuelo.

We get it, historically the older generations in our family have been averse to banks because of things like hidden fees and language barriers.

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But these days, having a good savings account is necessary to make those big money moves that will help you thrive in your life, whether it’s simply keeping a rainy day fund or saving towards a major purchase like a house!

So, we partnered with U.S. Bank to reminisce about some of the craziest places our family has stashed their money, and to inform you about all the alternatives to the water bottle coin bank that U.S. Bank has to offer! 

We interviewed our own mitú staff members about the tiny cracks they remember money being hidden from their childhood, and these are the eight most unique, insane and surprisingly genius answers we got. 

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Diego – Creative Team

My dad’s definitely got the cookie tin method going on, from a very specific brand so we know which one LOL. Also, in the trunks of old cars that he has in storage!

Melissa – Accounts Team

I remember my dad putting his stack of money at the bottom of the cajonera every night. So, he’d take out the bottom drawer and stash it right in there.

Steph – Creative Team

My abuelito would stash money in the pockets of old coats and jackets.

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Teri – Marketing Team

My bro stored nearly $1,000 of cash inside a cigar box, then put that inside a dark trunk he used as a coffee table en la sala.

Kim – Production Team

My tíos and tías would put money in books for safe keeping.

Alicia – Creative Team

My dad kept a small briefcase with a safe lock for all of his precious monies, aka the $2 bills and golden dollars he was sure would be super valuable in a few years!

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Laura – Creative Team

My dad would put the money on the ceiling above his bed so he could fall asleep looking at it!

Geneva – Production Team

My grandmother used to hide money in a little religious statue. It had a hole at the bottom with a plastic cap!

Truly, this is Latino Ingenuity at its finest!

But like we said, there are so many better places to save your stacks. From a basic savings account to something like a certificate of deposit that actually earns you money over time, U.S. Bank has a wide range of savings account options for whatever your savings needs are!

And with the first ever Spanish-speaking voice assistant in mobile banking, you can be certain that any language barriers will be overcome when using the U.S. Bank app! Remember, now that we’re grown, it’s our chance to rewrite our familia’s history and build some generational wealth, so make sure you have a trusted financial partner like U.S. Bank to keep you thriving!

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