While we usually associate Disney World with fun and all things magic and wonder, even theme parks have their restrictions — and Tori Cannella, 23, recently experienced an unexpected one. While Cannella attended the Florida theme park in hopes of a good time, she was surprised to find out that she had done something “wrong” in the eyes of park employees.

As is to be expected with Florida heat and humidity, Cannella decided to wear a pair of jean shorts and a black crop top to the theme park that day. As shown in a now-viral TikTok video retelling her ordeal, the long-sleeved crop top featured two ties at the front and a cut-out portion in the middle. 

Suddenly, a park employee “dress coded” Cannella for her revealing top, which allegedly went against park rules. In fact, Disney World ​​prohibits “clothing which, by nature, exposes excessive portions of the skin that may be viewed as inappropriate for a family environment.” As seen in the park attendee’s TikTok video, she was instructed to follow a park employee into the gift shop, where she was given a $24.99 yellow Walt Disney t-shirt to wear instead (plot twist: it’s actually really cute!). 

While Cannella was allowed to stay and enjoy the park the rest of the day, many are still scratching their heads at why she had to change shirts in the first place. One TikTok user commented, “I’m sorry but they reached with this one. There is nothing wrong with your original top. I’ve seen so much worse.” Another chimed in, writing, “I- that’s literally probably one of the least revealing crop tops you could wear,” and yet another shared, “I’ve seen Ariel in less” which just made us spit out our cafecito.

On the other hand, others understand why the park-goer was made to change: one user who used to work at Disney World wrote, “the rule is that your top can’t have just a string to hold it together if that makes sense so that’s why.”

Another agreed with the park officials’ decision, writing, “It’s not a ‘bad’/’showy’ crop top but I could see them wanting you to wear something else in case you went on rides and accidentally flashed an [8 year old],” and another said, “I mean.. valid. wear what you want but going on a coaster your girls are gonna fly out lol.”

But what’s really on everyone’s minds? The fact that Cannella got a cute free t-shirt out of it. As one commenter said, “I’d get dress coded on purpose so I can get a free shirt” and another wrote, “maybe i’ll do this so i can get a free shirt”— so Disney better watch out now that the secret is out. We’re not saying we’re trying it… but we’re not not trying it.