Updated August 25, 2020.

The St. Louis homeowners, Patricia and Mark McCloskey, who famously drew guns and pointed them at protesters earlier this summer are back at it again. The couple who caught attention during the height of this summer’s Black Lives Matter protests spoke at the Republican National Convention this week and boy did they have some incredible stuff to whine about.

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Speaking at Monday’s 2020 Republican National Convention, the McCloskeys endorsed Donald Trump as the law-and-order candidate.

“You’ve seen us on your TV screens and Twitter feeds. You know that we’re not the kind of people who back down,” Mark McCloskey said on Monday night. “Thankfully, neither is Donald Trump… President Trump will defend the God-given right of every American to protect their homes and their families.”

During the convention, the couple bemoaned the fact that “radicles” forced them to face criminal charges after they waved guns at protestors earlier this past summer.

“Whether it’s the defunding of police, ending cash bail so criminals can be released back out on the streets the same day to riot again, or encouraging anarchy and chaos on our streets, it seems as if the Democrats no longer view the government’s job as protecting honest citizens from criminals, but rather protecting criminals from honest citizens,” Mark McCloskey said. “Not a single person in the out-of-control mob you saw at our house was charged with a crime. But you know who was? We were.”

Note: while police did seize the McCloskeys’ rifle and the couple was criminally charged, Missouri’s State Attorney General Eric Schmitt said in July that he intended on dismissing the case. At the time he cited that pursuing the charges would have “a chilling effect on Missourians’ exercising the right to self-defense.”

Check out their appearance at the RNC below.

According to reports by the Washington Post, Republicans worked away at preparing an atypical convention.

The idea comes as Republicans attempt to energize voters amidst the ongoing pandemic, which President Trump holds a large responsibility for. It also comes as panic around former first lady Michelle Obama’s empowering speech at the Democrats National Convention earlier this week. Obama’s supporters were quick to praise her for her speech which she directed a series of criticisms at Trump.

The White House has defended the McCloskey on multiple occasions, telling reporters soon after they gained attention that President Donald Trump “said it is absolutely absurd, what is happening to the McCloskeys.”

The McCloskeys first came to national attention in mid-June after they had been spotted aiming guns at protesters outside their home in St. Louis.

Soon after the images of them began circulating Twitter dubbed them “Ken and Karen” and the stars of the “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” remake no one asked for. The incident occurred as protesters marched their way towards the home of Mayor Lyda Krewson who declared in a Facebook post that she would not support rising calls to defund the police. She also reportedly shared activists’ full names and addresses while reading off suggestions on how to better spend the city’s funds. After users ridiculed her online, Krewson apologized for her actions saying “Never did I intend to harm anyone or cause distress,” Krewson tweeted. “The update is removed and again, I apologize.”

Later, protestors returned to McCloskey’s home for a second peaceful protest.

During the peaceful protest over a dozen men in plain clothes walked the area inside of the gate.

According to Time Magazine, “One protester briefly straddled an iron gate as if he was going to jump over, but did not. No one threw anything and no one behind the gates showed aggression. One man on the McCloskeys’ balcony clapped along with the chanting protesters.” The crowd of protesters included a racially diverse crowd carrying signs calling to “Defund the Police” and underlining that “Black Lives Matter” and “No Justice, No Peace.” Chants included calls like “when Black lives are under attack, what do we do? Stand up, fight back,” and “this is what democracy looks like.”

According to reports, it is unknown if the McCloskeys were home. Soon after, the protestors left and marched to Interstate 64. Police had closed off the roads to traffic in both directions to allow protestors to march onto the highway. There the protestors sat on the highway for several minutes to honor the life of George Floyd who died on May 25 after a white police officer pressed his knee to his neck for over eight minutes.

The rally was organized by the group Expect Us and is among various demonstrations in St. Louis that have taken place in the weeks since George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis.