A judge in Parma, Ohio gave Rosemary Hayne, a 39-year-old woman who assaulted a Chipotle employee an unusual sentence.

After throwing a hot bowl of food at Emily Russell, an employee at a local Chipotle, Hayne was found guilty of assault. The judge sentenced her to work at a fast food restaurant for two months, along with 30 days in jail, Fox News confirms.

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A woman was just sentenced to working in a fast food restaurant after this incident …

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A viral video and a room full of witnesses proved the moment the woman hurled her burrito bowl at the employee

In September, a bystander at Chipotle posted a video of Hayne on Reddit showing her yelling and cursing at Russell. Then, she assaults her with her order. In the video, Hayne also slams her food down on the counter, shouting at Russell over the quality of the food.

Eventually, Hayne throws the fully loaded burrito bowl at Russell’s face. As other diners gasp at the violent display, some try to stop her from leaving. Russell told the Washington Post the food was “200 degrees because she had just made it and left her face burning red.”

According to the Parma police, they arrested her at her home seven minutes after a 911 call. Another bystander at the restaurant called and gave them her license plate number.

The judge found Hayne guilty of one count of assault and was not impressed by her defense

On November 28, Jude Timothy Gilligan sentenced Hayne and noted how her reaction was too aggressive.

“You didn’t get your burrito bowl the way you like it and this is how you respond?” Judge Gilligan said to Hayne. “This is not a Real Housewives of Parma. This behavior is not acceptable.”

Gilligan originally ordered Hayne to pay a fine and serve 180 days in jail with 90 days suspended. But then, he gave her a different option. If she agreed to work 20 hours a week for two months at a fast-food restaurant, he would reduce her sentence by 60 days.

She was also sentenced to two years’ probation.

After the incident, Russell quit her job at Chipotle

Hayne accepted the offer and apologized to Russell saying there was no excuse for her behavior. Still, she once again complained about her food.

“If I showed you how my food looked and how my food looked a week later from that same restaurant, it’s disgusting looking,” Hayne said at her sentencing.

After the attack, Russell decided to leave her job. She told Today that she has been dealing with symptoms of anxiety since the incident.

“I had to work with food in my face and hair for the next four hours after it happened because no one was sent to relieve me,” she told The Washington Post. Russell worked at Chipotle for more than four years. She also told CBS News that the fast food company did not reach out after it happened.

In a statement to CNN, Chipotle praised the sentencing. “The health and safety of our employees is our greatest priority,” they said. “And we’re pleased to see justice served for any individual that does not treat our team members with the respect they deserve.”