Passengers on an aircraft headed to Monterrey from Guadalajara got more than they bargained for when a swarm of mosquitoes entered the plane, forcing everyone on board to grab the nearest makeshift flyswatter and start going to town on the tiny bloodsuckers.

The video shows a hundred or so passengers putting their chancla-wielding powers to good use as they rid the plane of any unwanted fliers. Everyone seems to be taking their own approach, with a few particularly enthusiastic swatters climbing up as far as they can to get those hard-to-reach pests.

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However, this is apparently a pretty common practice at the Guadalajara airport, as one commenter reveals. An Instagram user named Berenice Guzman offered her take on why this happens so often. “There are no tunnels that connect with the planes,” she said. “The passengers must walk a part of the runway to get up and down the stairs to get into a plane which keeps the door open all that time.”

Oh yeah, and if you didn’t already know, she added, “psssst it’s full of mosquitos….” The airline in question is called Volaris, which advertises itself as an “ultra low cost airline” according to the official website. So they might have a deal running. Buy one ticket, get two mosquito seats for free!

A lot of commenters on Instagram agreed: the Guadalajara airport is full of mosquitoes. “ALWAYS!! It’s full of mosquitoes everywhere,” wrote one commenter. More times than not, airlines like to give incentives to return after incidents like this, so these passengers may be flying with the mosquitoes for free in the near future.