Netflix’s supernatural horror series “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” returns for its third season today complete with new cast members, Latin-laced spells, and spooky suspense. 

Audiences will once again be taken to the town of Greendale to see the witchy magical exploits from the cast of characters inspired by the mind of a multi-hyphenate series developer, showrunner, executive producer and writer, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. 

As if he didn’t have enough on his page as showrunner and writer for the series, Aguirre-Sacasa is also Chief Creative Officer of Archie Comics.

It’s ok, we too know we aren’t using our 24-hours-in-a-day wisely enough either. #NewYearNewMe 

This season he is having Sabrina juggle her friends and teen life all while wearing that crown as the rightful ruler of Hell—oh yeah and also trying to help save her boyfriend Nick with dark magic—you know, just normal teen stuff! 

Need a refresher from the first two seasons?

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The son of Nicaraguan parents (his father even served as a foreign minister and an ambassador for the Central American country), Aguirre-Sacasa is now the captain of two of Netflix’s most recognizable shows for young adults, “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” and “Riverdale.”

“I think just to have someone at the helm of a show that is so creative and such a horror nerd and knows everything about every single horror movie ever, it makes the show that much more rich and it has so much depth that way, which is amazing,” Kiernan Shipka, who plays show lead Sabrina Spellman, told mitú recently in an on-set interview in Vancouver where the show is filmed. 

The horror-loving series developer and writer for the show has earned praise from TV critics and his cast alike for making CAOS dark, witty and peppered with social commentary. 

Satan works hard, but Aguirre-Sacasa and his cast work harder. 

“I think he’s incredibly creative, he doesn’t run it like a machine. He writes what he wants to write, he hires who he wants to hire. We have a really diverse writer’s room—he’s interested in lots of different voices. I feel like he’s really got his finger on the pulse of a lot of current issues and how to deal with them in a fun, playful but kind of dark way as well,” said Mirada Otto, who plays Aunt Zelda on the series. 

Miranda Otto is 100 percent that witch on and off-set.

Can we be part of her coven? Asking for CAOS friends.

Speaking of playful and dark, Part 3 of CAOS deals with current issues such as smashing the patriarchy (demon Father Faustus Blackwood be gone!), having women step into their power (FYI hell is now under new management with Sabrina serving as its q-u-e-e-n), and celebrating the exploration of relationships and love in all its forms, regardless of sexuality.

“We jump genres a lot in the show and it goes from being something that’s highly horror to doing something that’s quite campy, to doing something that’s very dramatic to then dealing with particularly modern kind of social issues and I think that’s really unique to Roberto, the way he can jump between those things so successfully. When I read the scripts I feel like he’s just very creative and just jumps in,” Otto said. 

Something else Aguirre-Sacasa smashes? Putting his actresses and actors (or show in general for that matter) in boxes. 

Michelle Gomez, who plays Madam Satan/Lilith and Mary Wardwell in the series, said she clearly resonates with Aguirre-Sacasa’s celebration of those in his CAOS camp. 

“I wasn’t the ingenue. I didn’t have the little button nose and the silky hair. Thankfully coming into my own as an older woman, this has been to my benefit,” Gomez said about once struggling to find roles that casting directors felt she was suited for. 

“The [thing] that is really interesting about this particular show is that it is not feminist, misogynistic, ageist—whatever the labels are—Roberto has managed to take all of them and turn them into people’s virtues, and into their strengths,” Gomez told mitú on set. 

Crowned and regal! Yes to celebrating all the strengths! 

She added, “this show just breaks that mold, so I think that’s something that I am celebrating.” 

It seems it was fated that Archie comics be the tool Aguirre-Sacasa used to break molds. 

As a young boy growing up, he knew he was gay pretty early on, and in a 2018 interview with the New York Times, he said he found a world in the Archie comics “where everyone was basically nice and everyone was basically friends.”

It’s evident through the cast’s Instagram posts that he is helping create genuine friendships thanks to his comics. He did write the (comic) book on Sabrina after all “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” was released in 2014 and picked up as a show a few years later. 

As for more of what’s in store for season three?

Just take a look at the Instagram post Chance Perdomo, who plays Sabrina’s puckish and pansexual warlock cousin Ambrose Spellman, posted as a teaser.

???? + ????? 

Yup, we wanted to decode the emojis too, so mitú asked why he chose that and if it tells us something about Ambrose and Prudence, played by Tati Gabrielle, in season three. 

“I personally identify with a wolf and Ambrose is quite a bit of a lone wolf. He has kind of succumbed to the lone pack kind of thing, like a wandering wolf type of thing, so he’s always in his head—sometimes too much. Tati is very different from Prudence, and she is saved as a flower emoji on my phone. So wolf and flower emoji—together! And then the tornado for y’all ain’t ready, and the black heart because we mean business, that we’re going in this as a band together and we got the warrior’s heart—so y’all ain’t ready,” Perdomo told mitú.

Who knew that so much meaning could come from two emojis?!

*DMs Perdomo all our emojis we need decoded from received texts.*

Feeling spooky yet? If y’all are ready, the new season awaits. You can now stream “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” seasons one through three on Netflix.

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