A woman named Vivian Wise Ruizvelasco documented the sudden and unexpected birth of her child on a TikTok which has now gone viral. Ruizvelasco, showing pictures of herself from the last nine months, had no idea she was pregnant until she went into labor at a nightclub, reports the New York Post.

An avid partier and clubgoer, Ruizvelasco was shocked by the big news and found herself rushing to the hospital the following afternoon with severe stomach pain. Before she knew it, doctors were performing an emergency c-section on her and delivering a baby boy she later named Matías.

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In an interview with NeedToKnow.online, Ruizvelasco said, “I found out I was pregnant when I was already in labor,” adding, “Immediately, I went into shock for many reasons — such as if the baby was okay and what I was going to do with him, as I’ve never carried a baby [before] in my life.”

The woman said she first noticed something was wrong when, at a dinner for one of her friends, she started experiencing sharp pains in her stomach and hip. She left the party early, around midnight, and stayed up until 9 AM drinking tea and taking pain medication. It was only after going to work that same day that she realized the pain was only worsening.


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By 3 PM that day, Ruizvelasco was in the hospital and preparing to take home a baby boy. Instead of being able to prepare for or enjoy the birth of her baby boy, Ruizvelasco immediately began to worry about everything she’d need to do or buy for Matías in such a short period of time. “In that moment,” she said, “my world fell apart.”

Upon the baby’s birth, both Ruizvelasco and her boyfriend Tonatiuh González were conflicted, with Ruizvelasco noting that her boyfriend was “in shock” despite everything that had to be done before the baby could come home. “He clearly had to get moving as there were things we needed, as well as how we were going to pay for the hospital,” Ruizvelasco said. “He had to get all of that from almost one day to the next and he was so scared, but I understood.”

Ruizvelasco said she’d never really had experience with babies in the past, but that she’s learning to “adapt” to motherhood and has been taking it one day at a time. She said that little Matías is already in daycare and described the boy as “my son, my partner and the love of my life — it’s honestly the best and most sudden thing that could have happened to me.”

Although some TikTok users found the story hard to believe, many women in the comments chimed in to say that they’d experienced the exact same thing. “This happened to me with my first daughter never knew I was prego till the day I had her and I was getting my period every month,” wrote one user, amid many comments asking how Ruizvelasco had no clue about it for nine whole months.

In fact, this phenomenon is so common, there’s even a reality TV show about it called “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant,” which aired on TLC from 2009-2011 and produced nearly 100 episodes. According to the Post, an OBGYN chimed in to say: “This is actually common, some women don’t grow a stomach and because of fetal placement don’t feel the baby kick and are lucky to be asymptomatic.”