Every now and then, a viral video springs up that gives us equal parts anxiety, laughter, and yeah, tons of questions. Miami-based Instagram account @onlyindade posted a video concerning a truck, street poles, and let’s just say it— pretty bad driving.

The video shows how a truck tries to get through a street behind warehouses, but is having just a little trouble getting past two tall, yellow poles. However, the driver seems unconcerned by the poles in question, and just keeps driving (yup).

The truck begins to run over the poles, but the back wheels have some trouble getting past them. As the driver continues trying, at this point probably pressing down on the accelerator, the poles break off the back wheels completely. I guess there was only one way to find out who would win the pole-wheel war, and here we are. 

As shown in the epic clip, the truck is left without any of its back wheels, continuing to speed as it is dragged across the street. Of course, as soon as it was posted by @onlyindade, fans of the account had many questions — and a few jokes, too.

The clip was originally posted by Instagram account @lazaroellechon, and eventually became viral after a repost. Immediately, users started making jokes: one wrote, “He signed his license with a crayon” while another described it as, “When you really trying to get fired.”

Miami drivers sometimes get a bad rep, so one user went with that, instead: “Ladies and gentlemen, this is the most skilled and careful driver in all of Miami Dade”

Another follower questioned, “How much y’all think he paid for his license?” while someone else thought, “He had to finish his shift.” We get it!

Others seemed to quote the Boogie Wit Da Hoodie song “Till The Wheels Fall Off,” commenting, “We ride till the wheels fall off… #RealOnesOnly.” Others applauded whoever put those rock-solid poles in place: “Shout out that the people who put them poles there them poles standing strong!!🤣🤣”

As one Only In Dade follower put it, this is the “definition of ‘By any means necessary’ 😂” so maybe take it as your weekly motivation? Either way, we can’t stop cracking up.