You’ll know. You will know. Oh, you’ll know. Stevie Nicks closes Fleetwood Mac’s 1977 number one hit “Dreams” with this outro evoking a feeling of hope for the future. This could not be a more fitting song for viral content creator “Doggface” Nathan Apodaca.

A native of Idaho Falls, Idaho, “Doggface” experienced the same problems found in major cities growing up: drugs, gangs, etc. Despite this, he would find his path in life by taking non-traditional routes along the way. Having dropped out of high school at the age of 16, Apodaca would go on to work at a warehouse. All the while, his love for family, music and skateboarding would remain constant in his life.

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Eitan Miskevich, Instagram: @privatefoto

Nathan Apodaca was no stranger to social media at the time he went viral. He had previously built a fan base on Instagram which later carried over to TikTok. However, one summer his daughter would introduce him to the platform that is now TikTok. 

“I was watching videos with her and then I saw people doing trends to sounds I knew. So I did my TikToks with her,” Apodaca tells mitú. “Eventually she got tired of me asking to do more TikToks and she suggested I make my own account. And she set me up with an account and taught me transitions.”

Despite having a mass following and being a content creator, going viral was not his intention. Especially the day his TikTok video gained 1 million views.

“Honestly, the only thing going through my mind was needing to get to work before I lose my bonus,” he remembers. “My car had broken down and I was thinking about how I was getting to work, so I grabbed my board and took off.”

With a loyal fan base already tuning into his TikTok, Apodaca was posting at least 4 daily videos. Having not posted anything the day before, he pulled out his phone and documented his cruise to work. 

Since his viral TikTok video, “Doggface” has released a song with Snoop Dogg, been on videos with comedians George Lopez, Cheech and Chong and is now pivoting to music with Idaho-based 208 Natives, all of which have been experiences that Apodaca dreamt of when he was growing up in Idaho.

“It’s crazy. Being able to reach my dreams of acting and singing and live it,” he says. Most recently, he has also had his acting debut in FX original series “Reservation Dogs.” “I got a call by the show runners that they wanted me to audition for season 2, so I auditioned. I went to the set. Learned lines. It was all surreal.” 

Among other accomplishments he wants to achieve are having an appearance on “Mayans M.C.,” as well as meeting and working with Jim Carrey or another cast member of “In Living Color.”

But for now, he is focused on 208 Natives — who will be having a show In Apodaca’s hometown in December — and releasing a CBD line with his brother.

Through all his projects, Apodaca has involved his family and highlighted the appreciation he has for his followers. Regarding his entire experience towards stardom, “Doggface” says: “In summary, I have focused on always putting family first and loving those who love you. I just can’t wait to travel the world and meet and see as many people as I can. I just want to vibe with everybody.”