For most, their abuelos and abuelas are a lifeline. They are a haven for when kids want to escape their parents. A place of fun and compassion.

A study by Utah State University states that a close relationship between abuelos and their nietos is highly beneficial. It cites that their presence can “provide acceptance, patience, love, stability, wisdom, fun and support to their grandchildren.” Also thrown in there? The copious amounts of food their nietos and nietas are fed.

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Often, kids don’t put too much thought into the life their abuelos led that pushed them to become who they are. The stories, laughs, life advice and anecdotes that have contributed to their wisdom.

Because of this, folks have taken to social media to capture moments spent with their grandparents to help preserve those memories. 

People have posted videos singing with their abuelos, taking them out, and asking them questions. All to preserve their memories long after they pass. Now, we’ve added some questions we think are great conversation starters next time you are with your grandparents and want to capture the best lessons of their lives.

What has been your greatest accomplishment in this life?

Asking this question can open up a long-winded path into what they did and didn’t do. Whether they did a lot or not, this gives you the opening. Remind them that you don’t need a cape to be someone’s hero.

What has been the best thing for you to witness as a grandparent?

Abuelos and abuelas see much more than people think, which adds to their collective wisdom. If they are lucky, they’ll get to see their nietos take on the world in a way they weren’t able to. A bonus is that they’ll be able to hype you up and help give you perspective about your own accomplishments.


I decided to ask my grandpa some questions to get to know him better. #abuelo#mexican#latino#cowboy#wisdom#ranchero

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What is something you wished hadn’t changed? What is something you are happy evolved?

This two-for-one question will be like looking into a past through the lens of someone with boundless untold stories. There’s a Bon Jovi song that says, “The more things change the more they stay the same.” Your grandparents will be able to show you the receipts for just how true that can be.

What has been the greatest thing you’ve learned about love?

Whether they lived a fairytale love or a “two ships passing in the night” situation, they will have a lot to say about it. Love manifests in different ways for everyone it touches; having someone with their experience can provide an alternate viewpoint to many things you believe.

Was your family always from the town/city you grew up in?

As Latinos, our families come from different places across Latin America. While many live in the more populated cities before leaving for the United States, it doesn’t necessarily mean that’s where they were born or grew up. It’s good to ask this because you’ll be able to get a family history that would otherwise be lost to time.

How would you like for your family to remember you?

Folks typically know how they will remember their grandparents, but sometimes that doesn’t necessarily gel with how grandparents see themselves overall. Like most people, they probably hope they can have a lasting positive effect on the lives of their loved ones. If not, then this is a great time to course correct.

What was your favorite thing about your childhood?

Everyone’s childhood looks different, and as your abuelo’s upbringing will look distinctly different from yours, this question could prove insightful. While things may look to be simpler than they are now, your abuelos might show you that might not be the case.

What is something unexpected that you learned from your kids and grandchildren?

Families are filled with interesting personalities. Regardless of what path each hijo, hija, nieto and nieta has taken, chances are the abuelos in question will have noticed something special about each one.

What is your hope for the future?

With their past in the rearview mirror of life, the future is something that can hold a lot of promise for abuelos everywhere. Asking them this could open your eyes to an unexpected viewpoint you might not have considered before.