We all remember the photos of people suffering from avocado hand not that long ago. People were being rushed to hospitals because they were struggling to remove the pit. Well, one Instagrammer shared a video that might end avocado hand as we know it.

Avocado hand might finally be a thing of the past thanks to one hack.

Instagrammer Lottie Dalziel is an Australian woman who shared the avocado trick to 22,000 followers on Instagram. The trick to remove the pit is surprising people with the ease of it. It is easy to push the pit out instead of using a knife or spoon to take the pit out. The trick is so simple that it is blowing people’s minds.

People are shocked that they didn’t know about this sooner.

Credit: banish.au / Instagram

Three fingers is all it takes to take the pit of an avocado without causing any risk of injury to the avocado eater. It is something that should have been common knowledge for all avocado lovers, yet, for many, this is a new experience. Tbh, it is a game-changer.

Some people are bragging that they already knew about this hack and just kept it to themselves.

Credit: banish.au / Instagram

We don’t like the word selfish but, like, what else can you call this. People have been struggling for years to get the pit out perfectly and here we are with a sudden hack to make that happen. Who has been the gatekeeper of this knowledge and why did it take so long for it to sure?

Now we all know how to pit an avocado without injuring ourselves.

Credit: banish.au / Instagram

Make sure you share this with all of your avocado-loving friends. This could be a great way for them to enjoy their favorite treat without all of the drama.

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