Argentine soccer giant Lionel Messi is on top of the world, fresh off winning the 2022 World Cup for his country. Cemented by many as the greatest of all time, the 35-year-old Rosario-born athlete undoubtedly has it all right about now. Something else to add to the list? An iconic catchphrase: Qué mirás, bobo?

This is why Messi said “Que mirás, bobo?” at a press conference

Let’s retrace our steps: Messi said his now-legendary comeback after Argentina’s World Cup game against Netherlands on December 9. While Argentina won the game after a penalty shootout, it seems like the players were just as stressed-out as fans. Tension arose between Leo Messi and Netherlands player Wout Weghorst, and things got heated.

As a now viral video shows, Messi stopped an interview at a press conference to turn to Weghorst, telling him: “Qué mirás, bobo? Anda para allá, bobo,” or, “What are you looking at, fool? Go over there, fool.” While the video is being posted all over the internet, we’re getting to the bottom of why Messi went off in the first place.

Videos show Weghorst trying to talk to the Argentine players after the game, visibly getting into an argument. The clip shows Weghorst seemingly wanting to talk to Messi, audibly saying, “I’m waiting for him… to give him a handshake.”

There are a few sides to the story, though

Fellow Argentine soccer player Sergio “Kun” Agüero told news reporters that Weghorst started saying “Hey, Messi” after the game, saying, “Come here.”

Whether the Dutch player wanted to “fight,” Agüero questioned, “Why talk to [Messi]? If you know things are heated?” At that point, Agüero told Weghorst to “shut up,” which probably created even more tension. Still, the two shook hands afterwards and said “good luck.”

Then there’s Weghorst’s side of the story, who said he just wanted to give Messi “a hand” after the match. “I have a lot of respect for him as a football player but… he didn’t want to speak with me, and he… [said] not respectful words, so really disappointing.”

Last not least, what’s Messi’s perspective?

The Rosario-born player explained in an interview that he “doesn’t like when players talk before games,” and that “number 19 [Weghorst] started provoking and saying things from the time he got to the field.”

Messi explained, “I don’t think that’s part of soccer. I respect everyone, but I like them to respect me, too.”

“Que mirás, bobo?” is an iconic moment in futból history

While different sides will have very different stories, one thing is for sure: “Qué mirás, bobo?” is now a global sensation.

As reported by Telemundo, tons of merch sporting the “Que mirás, bobo?” catchphrase is quickly selling out. Interestingly enough, a Colombian denim brand made jeans with the phrase on the back — meaning “Messi gifted us the best campaign against catcalling and street harassment in the last years.” In this way, “Que mirás, bobo?” is taking on a life of its own.

One man told Telemundo that he views Messi’s comeback as far more significant than people might think. He explained, “I think it’s a great message to say Latin America is not inferior to Europe” — in sports, or in any other aspect.

Fans have even turned the short video into a song, because people are awesome. Enjoy this absolute banger that’s pretty perfect to ring in the New Year (even Argentine singer Maria Becerra recently danced to it at a concert!):

And last, there are memes, because of course there are. The internet is now overflowing with “Que mirás, bobo?” memes, and we can’t get enough. Exhibit A, tension boiling between Messi… and an angry chihuahua:

While Messi directed his words to Weghorst, he could have easily told French player Mbappé the same thing:

Some people laughed at what the Dutch player’s face must have looked like when he heard the phrase:

And then, even Bruce Willis got in on the gag:

Possibly even more epic? Leo Messi’s wife Antonela Roccuzzo and his brother poking fun at his “Que mirás, bobo?” after a match. LOL.