Pop-up art installations have become all the rage lately, and with good reason. Art museums may be fun and all, but there’s an enticing novelty to seeing pieces of art while also knowing that they’re not going to be there forever.

And now, the art pop-up to end all art pop-ups might be coming to a city near you, so get ready!

From Lighthouse Immersive, the creators of the immensely successful Immersive Van Gogh art experience, comes a new immersive art installation featuring the works of beloved Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.

Titled “Frida: Immersive Dream,” the pop-up installation was conceptualized with the help of digital artist Massimiliano Siccardi and will be a fully immersive audio-visual experience that will blend Frida’s works with biographical and a “mood-setting” score by composer Luca Longobardi.

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If you’ve ever had the chance to visit the “Immersive Van Gogh exhibit,” then you know that Lighthouse Immersive pop-ups are not your run-of-the-mill art galleries. The experiential art company specializes in events in which an artist’s work is brought to life through animation, projection and state-of-the-art lighting.

Using state-of-the-art projectors, Frida’s work will be projected onto a massive architectural canvas that visitors can literally walk through, as if they are walking through Frida’s own paintings. Some of the paintings the exhibit will feature include famous works such as “The Two Fridas,” “The Wounded Deer,” and “Diego and I.”

And to make the experience more visceral, “Frida: Immersive Dream” will not only feature her art, but photographs of Kahlo and other important people in her life to create an all-encompassing experience that gives you an in-depth understanding of both Frida’s art and her life, and how both areas influenced one another.

“Our goal is to give our viewers more than an examination of her work; we also hope they will leave with a richer understanding of the smart, complex woman who created these timeless masterpieces,” said Lighthouse Immersive co-founder Svetlana Dvoretsky in a statement.

“In this piece, we will chase Frida’s world, always in motion,” added digital artist Massimiliano Siccardi in the statement. “We will discover her tenderness and hostilities by taking in her observations and fantasies. Our hope is that viewers will let themselves be penetrated by Frida’s stories, and in so doing, live vicariously through her.”

Tickets to “Frida: Immersive Dream” start at $39.99. The exhibit will be touring seven cities throughout 2022: Dallas, Boston, Houston, Chicago, Denver, Toronto and Los Angeles. You can find the dates of the pop-ups here. The pop-up is currently on tour in Dallas until April 17.