Tenoch Huerta, 41, often speaks out against racism in the Latino community and Hollywood alike. Last week, the actor shared his thoughts on “painful” racist family dynamics.

Huerta sat down with Ruido En La Red and spoke out about colorism many of us grew up with. In fact, to illustrate his point, the actor described difficult family situations several of us know all too well

Huerta talks about why “the majority of Mexicans believe racism does not exist in Mexico”

When asked why many “Mexicans believe racism does not exist in Mexico,” the actor replied: “Because we make it invisible.”

He continued, “And also because it is a common practice, we do it everyday.” 

Huerta described how “racism is taught at home,” and talked about a deeply-frustrating scenario that unfortunately still occurs quite often. “Imagine that you realize… that your grandma racialized you your whole life… that your grandma, for you being brown, preferred your cousin the light-skinned one. How painful.” 

The Mexican star continued, painting a similar situation. “Or that your mother insisted you marry someone with light skin to ‘better the race.’”

The actor explained it is common for “those racist words” to come from those “you love the most.” This can, of course, make the experience even more traumatizing.

As part of the “Poder Prieto” movement, Huerta is vocal about both racism and classism. He even recently released a book on the subject titled “Orgullo Prieto.” 

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At the recent book launch, the actor described, “We’re so blinded by the idea of whiteness that we don’t see ourselves like [people of color], like children and grandchildren of Indigenous people.” 

Huerta describes why reverse racism is a myth

The actor also explained to Ruido En La Red why reverse racism “doesn’t exist”: because racism is “a system.”

Huerta went on, “If you’re white, you go to the market, and they sell you the kilo of peanuts for a higher price.”

While he says that’s “not okay,” it pales in comparison to what people of color go through. He continued, saying white people will not be limited when “asking for work or a raise.” And that’s where white privilege comes in.

Huerta also addressed systemic racism when it comes to the justice system, describing how “they’re not going to put you in jail for having white skin.” On the other hand, “For a person with darker skin, if they’re at the scene where a crime was committed, they will go to jail only for their skin color.” 

And to those who say that Huerta’s new role in the Marvel movie “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” is “incongruent” with the rest of his message? He replied, “Then what do you think we’re fighting for?” That’s exactly what the end goal is: “To be able to be in those spaces of power and influence, no m*mes.” 

The comments to Huerta’s interview were overwhelmingly positive. One user replied: “TENOCH HUERTA IS HEALING MY INNER CHILD JUST BY SPEAKING THESE WORDS.” Hard agree!

Another wrote, “He’s so amazing for speaking out on this.” Countless more remarked on the actor’s “intelligence,” while another user is all of us right now: “I love the way he speaks. 👏🏽👏🏽❣️.”