Capirotadas are the best part about Lent and Easter — yeah, we said it.

This Mexican-favorite bread pudding is somehow sweet and salty all at once, and always delicious. While capirotadas’ main ingredient is bread — usually bolillos — we all know the debate that erupts when talking about all the other components of the dish. 

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Yes, we’re extremely into capirotadas that bring in shredded cheese or queso fresco, but other people want their dish dessert-like with tons of sprinkles. Others can’t imagine capirotadas without onions, while raisins, bananas, tomatoes, and apples are all possibilities.

Capirotadas aren’t easily understood and are an acquired taste, but as TikToker @latishoroficial says, “se comen las mentiras del tóxico pero no se comen la capirotada?” Uf, burn.

We took a deep-dive on TikTok and rounded up all the best capirotada recipes to make your Easter as tasty and comforting as physically possible. These recetas are easy, inviting, and all a little bit different — many are actually secret family recipes — and bring in traditions from Sinaloa, Michoacán, Sonora, and more. Enjoy!

1. Michoacán capirotadas for the win — especially coming from an almost 80-year-old madre Mexicana who throws bread like a chancleta.

2. Traditional miel de piloncillo capirotadas and tres leches capirotadas with a serious dose of rum? Yes, please.


Dos ricas recetas de capirotada😋una con miel de piloncillo y otra de tres leches con rum😋😋🔥👍🏻#fyp #parati #capirotada #cuaresma

♬ Arabic Dream(870091) – TimTaj

3. Quédate con el que te mira like how we’re looking at these capirotadas — and any video that has “Un Día Sin Ti” by Samuray as background music.

4. A tradition we can 100% get behind? Serving sweet capirotadas with arroz con leche on the side.


#capirotada #arrozconleche y ustedes también lo hacen??

♬ sonido original – Angie

5. Capirotada Sinaloense is another option that always hits the spot, bringing together tortillas on the bottom layered with bread, raisins, tons of miel de piloncillo, and plátano macho. 

6. If you want something sweet and simple and tres leches-like, may we introduce you to capirotadas de leche with strawberries? It’s different, but we need it.


Responder a @imalejandra77 Puro antojo Capirotada de leche con fresas #parati #aprendeentiktok #yoteenseño #receta #capirotada #tucrazycakes

♬ Yo Voy (Sped Up) – Nightmares

7. This TikTok video shares an abuelita’s secret family capirotada recipe, and it’s good: miel de piloncillo with cloves, toasted bread with butter and garlic, cheddar cheese, nuts and raisins. Sweet and salty heaven.

8. If you like a sweet-as-candy capirotada, this recipe is perfect. Yeah, we want all the sprinkles and leche condensada, thanks.

9. If you want a capirotada al estilo Sonora, look no further — who would’ve thought miel de piloncillo with cilantro and green onion layered atop bread, apples, queso fresco, peanuts, and banana could be so perfect? 

10. Another mom and abuela-approved recipe, it brings tomato into the miel de piloncillo, while going sweet and salty with cheese and sprinkles. As per the TikToker, “la neta que quedó bien buena.” Sold!


Quedó súper rica 🤤 @sergiogaytan27 latoxihouse cocinandolealtoxico capirotada capirotadadepiloncillo

♬ sonido original – Fanny Davalos

11. An easy capirotada hack? Put cooking spray on top of the bread to easily toast it in the oven, and drizzle it with cajeta at the end.