Let’s face it, there’s nothing more terrifying than making mistakes at work. It’s embarrassing, time-consuming, and nerve-wracking. Regardless, it happens! And when it does, the worst thing to do is beat yourself up over it.

But when you’re working for a company like HBO Max, that caters to tens of millions of subscribers, accidentally sending out a test email to a few thousand of them can be scary.

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Thankfully, the internet is coming through for this HBO Max intern who is living every entry-level employee’s worst nightmare.

It all started with an accidental email

As the story goes, an intern at HBO Max sent out an accidental email, as pointed out by this caption from a now-deleted tweet.

HBO Max responded to the original post, confirming it was true.

However, people came out in full force to make sure the intern knew it could’ve been much, much worse. Although the original post was from 2021, the “Dear Intern” trend is returning thanks to a TikTok reel.

A bunch of hilarious “Dear Intern” posts have resurfaced on social media

Compared to some of these stories, accidentally sending out a test email to thousands of subscribers seems like a rookie move.

There’s this one where an employee accidentally referred to the company’s CEO as Anal instead of, you know, his name.

Another fatal mistake saw one employee confuse a weird YouTube video for a digital thank-you card.

One person learned how forgetting just one word from a sentence can change the meaning.

Forget a whole word. Just one letter can make all the difference.

Even the Dunkin’ intern had it rough on National Cold Brew Day!

Okay, this one is pretty dark. But don’t worry; you’re not evil if you laugh a bit.

On the original TikTok reviving the trend, the comments went even crazier. With nearly 25,000 likes, the top comment reads, “Dear intern, I organized a retirement party for my office and forgot to invite the retiree.”

Right below that, there’s this gem. “Dear intern, I once completely messed up a wedding seating chart and placed random guests with the bride and groom.”

Another dark one here, but we’re getting “Arrested Development” vibes.

The comment reads, “Dear intern, I once designed a leaflet for a psychologist in which every instance of ‘therapist’ was autocorrected to ‘the rapist.'” Oh no.

Elsewhere in the thread, you’ll see everything from messed up payrolls to accidentally shipping confidential documents to the good ol’ favorite, deleted files. A lot of deleted files.

However, this is probably our favorite of the whole bunch. “Dear intern, I gave wrong coordinates to my boss and he went to another city.”

The posts are a reminder that we’re all allowed to make mistakes

Some people are happy to see the “Dear Intern” trend coming back, primarily because of how rough some younger employees have it.

This other Twitter user agreed.

Sometimes, you need to laugh things off.

However, one Twitter user suggested that if you’re really that afraid to make a mistake at work, it might be time to look for a new job.