As Mariah Carey‘s most famous holiday song goes, “I don’t want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need,” and that was exactly the case for a 6-year-old Elisa from Chile.

The young girl’s mother posted an adorable video on TikTok that went viral, showing the family make her dream come true. In fact, Elisa just wanted one thing for Christmas — a “casita” to play in. So her mother and brothers teamed up to make a playhouse by hand, using materials like cardboard and wood. The best part of the video? The girl’s adorable, heartwarming reaction:


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♬ sonido original – Paola Del Valle

Elisa’s family made her Christmas wish list a reality

As you can see in the mother Paola Del Valle’s video, Elisa’s brother blindfolded her and led her to the homemade playhouse two days before Christmas. You can hear both siblings’ excitement as they walk through the backyard, with the mother saying: “Feliz navidad Elisa, de tu familia.”

At that point, they uncover Elisa’s eyes, and she finally sees all of her family’s hard work. They used wood, fabric, and cardboard to make her a large “casita” to play house in, bringing in all kinds of extras to let her imagination run free. The 6-year-old can hardly believe it, smiling wide with tears in her eyes as she tells her family, “Gracias!”


nunca olvidare tu carita y tu emocion hija y sobre todo nunca pierdas tu humildad

♬ All I Want for Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey

As the mother wrote on TikTok, “My daughter asked Santa for a playhouse and her brothers made her this surprise. Something so humble made her cry of joy.”

She continued, saying she will “never forget” her daughter’s face and her excitement, hoping she “never loses” her humility.

Elisa couldn’t stop telling her family “gracias” through happy-tears

In the video, the proud mother and brothers show Elisa their creation, which included a microwave, a bed, and cardboard boxes fashioned as an oven and refrigerator. The girl can’t stop smiling, saying she is very happy and repeating, “Muchas gracias.”


muchas gracias a todos por sus lindas palabras

♬ sonido original – Paola Del Valle

After videos of the moment amassed more than 20 million views, Del Valle took to TikTok again to thank everyone for the support. She introduced everyone to her four children, saying, “We want to say thank you to everyone who has taken the time to leave their kind comments about the video, and the people who have given us good vibes.”

Elisa added, “Thank you for seeing my video, bendiciones.” They also wished everyone a very merry Christmas.

One look at the video is enough to see why it went so viral — it shows a girl finding immense happiness in her family’s gift, no matter how humble her upbringing is. Elisa’s family worked hard to make her dream Christmas gift come true, and what could be more valuable than that?

This is how TikTok reacted to the viral video

Several TikTok users reacted emotionally to this video, with one person commenting: “🥹 This family deserves the world.” Another agreed, “This is better than a real house and kitchen the creativity and love put into this.” Yet another user remarked on how “The innocence & simplicity of making each other happy” is the best part of the video. Meanwhile, one person asked, “Where’s the rich people at..we need to send them everything they want.” We agree — Elisa deserves it all.

Fast forward to the present moment, and it seems like Elisa received yet another gift— a brand-new, pink playhouse with her name on it. From the looks of it, it seems like her uncle and teachers teamed up to buy the house for it, and the girl looks just as excited for her new gift.

While the moment was just as heartwarming, as one TikTok user put it, the original, homemade house is one of those “gifts you never forget.” Why? “You value them your whole life, even more if they come from your siblings.” We can’t agree more— but we’re still so happy Elisa now has her O.G. playhouse and her pink casita 2.0.