If you believe there’s a cut-off age for finding love, one Argentine couple’s story might change your mind.

The happy pair found each other on the popular dating app , Tinder, just like many couples you surely know.

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Yes, Tinder is as commonplace as all abuelas’ obsession with “Vivaporub,” but one tiny detail sets this story apart. These lovebirds are actually 83 and 90 years old— and meeting each other “changed their lives.” So much so, that they just got married this month.

Emilio Bussano, 90, and Liria Gorordo, 83, both lost their spouses and missed having company.

According to El Litoral 105, Bussano had two children with his first wife, who passed away. He remarried but became a widower for the second time in 2022. Gorordo had five children with her first husband, divorced, and became a widow after her second husband died.

Interestingly, both their family members got the same idea— at the same time. In November 2022, Bussano’s granddaughter Sofia made a Tinder profile for him, while Gorordo’s son Gustavo made one for her.

The rest, as they say, was their happily ever after.

The couple met on Tinder and began their relationship with phone calls

As per the couple’s interview with La Voz, their loved ones created their Tinder profiles hoping they would find love. And cure their loneliness.

On one hand, Bussano’s granddaughter Sofia knew her abuelito couldn’t be alone. She told La Voz, “I didn’t know where to find a girlfriend for him.”

“I have a lot of friends in Carlos Paz and I asked them if they had a friend he could meet, but I couldn’t find anyone,” she recalled. “One night with my sister, we told him we would download Tinder for him, and he asked what it was.”

Meanwhile, Gorordo’s son remembers how his mother’s Tinder profile soon garnered tons of “likes” worldwide. Side note: this is all we hope for as abuelas one day.


Hubo match 💘🥹 Tinder fue el puente que los unió para siempre. La nieta de Emilio y el hijo de Liria crearon las cuentas en esta red social que les permitió conocerse. Ella dejó a toda su familia en Santa Fe para iniciar esta hermosa historia. #eldoce #amor #historia #tinder #tiktokinforma

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It turns out Bussano was one of those “likes.” His granddaughter remembers, “When Liria came up [on Tinder] with her photos in the snow and beach, he said, ‘What a beautiful woman.'”

Eventually, Bussano and Gorordo “matched”— but lived in different cities in Argentina (he is from Villa Carlos Paz, while she is from Casilda). Their solution? Lots of phone conversations.

“Everything started in November 2022,” Gorordo recalled El Litoral 105. “Then I found Emilio.”

After matching on Tinder, the two spoke on the phone a few times a week as they got to know each other. There was clear chemistry, a “flechazo,” and they eventually planned for Gorordo to travel to Villa Carlos Paz to meet in person.

The 83-year-old remembers traveling to meet her now-husband with her daughter. “We met in the Carlos Paz terminal, he came to pick me up in his truck.”

“Then I went back to Casilda and we kept speaking on the phone. We are both widows.”

The couple bonded over their love of dancing and music

As Gorordo’s son told La Voz, the adorable couple found they were on the exact same page. “The driving force was that they were on the same wavelength, they both wanted company.”

Incredibly enough, they soon found that they shared all the same interests.

Bussano explained, “We both like to go out, dance, and [listen to] music.” His wife agreed: “We’re similar in many things, we like to laugh, listen to music, and be as happy as possible.”

It makes sense that the couple quickly fell head over heels in love and knew they were meant to be. “One day he proposed to me and I accepted,” Gorordo recalled.

The two were married in Villa Carlos Paz this month at the courthouse and later celebrated at a restaurant.

“Our children and grandchildren organized a beautiful party for us,” Gorordo told El Litoral 105.

Meanwhile, at the wedding, everyone realized the two were each other’s media naranja. Bussano’s granddaughter added, “I’ve never seen my grandpa blushing that much.”

In an interview with Soy Cordobes, the couple shared exactly how their meet-cute went down. Gorordo explained, “What really made me fall in love with him is how good of a person he is. You can see it in his face.”


Emilio Bussano tiene 90 años y Liria Gorordo cumplió 83. La pareja se conoció a través de Tinder. Fueron sus hijos y nietos quienes los acercaron a la aplicación. Conocé esta historia de amor. #córdoba #carlospaz #casamientos #tinder

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