Suena las alarmas because it’s officially December: that much closer to las navidades, we’re already smelling the oven-baked pernil, tasting the creamy coquito shots, and seeing our abuelita dance merengue, bachata, and salsa like there’s no tomorrow. Nochebuena is almost upon us, and it has never felt so good. Maybe 2021 has been just a bit tough (that’s an understatement), and we might just really be craving good times con la familia y amigos. And nothing screams el comienzo de las navidades like one song in particular: yes, we’re talking about “Mi Burrito Sabanero.”

A song que solo nuestra gente can truly understand in their heart, “Mi Burrito Sabanero” is a Latinx Christmas institution, sounding off in malls, restaurants, your tía’s house, in parades and everywhere else. Only we know the feeling of walking around come December and constantly hearing “tuki tuki tuki ta” in our heads, and while it might drive us crazy, we kind of love it. Incredibly enough, the song’s real title is actually “El Burrito de Belén,” and it was written by Venezuelan composer Hugo Blanco in the early 70s. As explained by Venezuela en Ritmo, Blanco gave “El Burrito” to the Venezuelan folk singer and icon Simon Díaz. One recording with the Coro Infantil Venezuela later, and the legendary Christmas song was born, soon reinterpreted by singers like Juanes. But the original will always be our fave, and a quick dive into TikTok shows that people are already feeling the burrito navideño spirit. Here’s a round-up of the most hilarious, epic “Mi Burrito Sabanero” TikToks we’ve found.

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A video that’s gone positively viral in familia Whatsapp group chats, we’re 100% planning on recreating this one with our primos and primas on Nochebuena (we might even bring abuelita into the mix). We seriously applaud @denzelcrispy’s Navidad spirit, even if he admits he’s not sure if it’s “tuki” or “dooki.” We think that as long as you’re feeling the magical Burrito vibes, it can be anything you want! Also, we need a blue wig now.



Responder a @mrfacha23 #crisburrito conquistando al mundo :0💛

♬ Mi Burrito Sabanero – Sing n Play

Is there anything better than dancing to “Mi Burrito Sabanero” in December while wrapped in a toasted burrito-printed fleece blanket? We think not. But wait, it gets better: there’s an adorable cat under there too, and some Christmas lights in the background, so excuse us while we recreate this entire video.


This TikTok just gets us: even though the video was published a whopping 63 days before Christmas, @duraznito30 was already feeling the espiritu navideño (we’re not even going to say how early we put up our arbolito this year). There’s also a clip of the actors from the Peruvian sitcom “Al Fondo Hay Sitio” sashaying to “Mi Burrito Sabanero,” so we’re obsessed.


Now, this one goes out to all the single people (A.K.A. us) who are bracing themselves for another Navidad getting asked “y el novio?” Excuse us while we plan on doing like this TikTok and simply replying: “no entran todos en la mesa” while we dance to “Mi Burrito.” Epic. Now to just find a perfect response for when our abuelita asks, “y mis futuros nietos?” (stay tuned!).



@aangeltor Mi burrito sabanero 🎄🐴❤️ ya estamos en Navidad casi!! diferentes pero Navidad al fin y al cabo😊#EresElfoChallenge #lasabuelasdetiktok

♬ Original Sound – Unknown

Because abuelitas on TikTok is the best kind of TikTok, this video of two grandmothers in bathrobes and slippers dancing to “Mi Burrito Sabanero” is everything we didn’t know we needed. We’re bringing this dance challenge with us to Nochebuena after the puerco and pasteles — now just to see where to get those amazingly-fluffy polka dot robes.


In other news, had you ever thought what “Mi Burrito” would sound like with a reggaeton beat in the background? Us neither, but it’s actually amazing. This reggaeton remix is one of our favorite versions yet, and all we’re thinking about is recreating this dance challenge with our friends on Secret Santa wine night. Sweatpants, Christmas light necklace, and perreo not optional!


As one of the most relatable TikToks we’ve seen, this one shows a man dancing on the street to an electronic remix of “Mi Burrito Sabanero” with what can only be described as pure joy. His reason? That 4-day Thanksgiving weekend we were recently blessed with. “Compita couldn’t wait,” and we can’t wait for our next vacation days either! Will we still be dancing to “Mi Burrito”? Only time will tell.


If you’re in a relationship, you need to do this Navidad-ready TikTok right now. TikToker @elva_rodas shows that “Mi Burrito Sabanero” is best danced with a partner, or at least on one. Carried by her boyfriend as she dances along to the song, we can’t think of anything better than having our own personal burrito — we mean novio. Definitely our kind of romance!


Lastly, we can’t stop laughing at this TikTok, which shows just how delightfully-evil Hispanic moms can be when kids just won’t behave. Who else can remember their mom calling “Santa Clo” to let him know he doesn’t have to bring presents anymore? With the reggaeton remix of “Mi Burrito Sabanero” playing in the background, this video just unlocked memories we didn’t even know we had. And honestly? Mami, you’re a genius — it would probably still work.