It’s one thing to make the cover of Vogue; it’s quite another to do it wearing Maria Felix’s iconic jewelry.

For Mabel Cadena, the opportunity has been unique.

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“This means many things to us. She is one of the women my grandmother admired the most in her time. She is an icon of beauty, elegance, strength, and change for us women.”

The Black Panther actress posed for the March cover of Vogue Mexico wearing Maria Felix’s iconic jewelry designed by Cartier. Fashion critic and content creator, Ana Gómez uncovered the story on social media.


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Among them is the historic crocodile necklace of gold, diamonds, and rubies.

Diamonds, rubies, and a lot of history

The diva of Mexican cinema, María “La Doña” Félix, was known for her beauty, fiery personality, and unparalleled good taste.

After beginning her artistic career in the early 1940s, Félix became an international film icon.

In fact, in 1960, Maria Felix became the fourth most-photographed actress in the world, after Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, and Marlene Dietrich.

Her favorite brand?


Although Maria Felix had countless suitors who tried to win her heart with jewelry, she commissioned her favorite pieces.

The crocodile necklace that Cadena wore for her Vogue cover is perhaps the most popular of the Felix collection.

She commissioned it in 1975, inspired by her own pet crocodile. La Doña wanted an exact copy of the animal using precious stones.

Cartier then created a platinum, white, and yellow gold choker where two crocodiles meet.

One of them has scales of six 21-carat cabochon-cut emeralds. The second has yellow diamonds and enameled details.

The reptiles are two separate pieces that can serve as bracelets.

Maria Felix’s favorite snake

Although the crocodile choker is one of the most photographed, one piece was particularly special to Maria Felix — a snake-shaped necklace.

She ordered the piece from Cartier in 1968, taking over two years to complete.

María Félix’s snake is made of platinum, white and yellow gold, 2,473 diamonds, and two emeralds.

Now, more than fifty years later, Mabel Cadena closes the circle using La Doña’s jewelry to reconnect with her history and heritage.

“I am truly honored to have been chosen for this project,” the actress told Vogue. “Cartier has helped me throughout this process to grow and discover another powerful side exploring this narrative as a woman and actress.”