Proving once again that we all live the same life, why do Latina moms everywhere always say “no quiero nada” when asked what they want for Mother’s Day? Although it seems like a simple enough question, moms and abuelas alike always hit you with answers like: “no me regalen nada, solo quiero que limpien la casa” or “solo quiero que se porten bien.”

But what if you still want to show your mom how important she is to you with a material gift? Well, we’ve got you covered.

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We’ve put together a list of Latinx-owned gifts that are every bit as useful and adorable as any mom would like. So much so, the most important woman in your life might finally reconsider saying que “no quiere nada.” Ahead, find our favorite Mother’s Day gifts for every budget — they’re so cute, you might want to pick up something for yourself, too!

Under $25

1. Bomba Curls Dominican Forbidden Oil $22

Crafted by Afro-Dominican Lulu Cordero after dreaming up her company Bomba Curls for 10 years, this “miracle” hair oil moisturizes the hair and scalp to help grow your mane as long as can be. A blend of “Dominican hair secret” coffee seed oil, black cumin seed oil, and rosemary extract make it super luxe. Perfect for all hair types!

2. Birdy Lashes Gemini Lashes $12

If your mom lives for the drama (we know ours do!) and doesn’t mind a bit of a glam moment every once in a while, give her the gift of fluttery lashes. Made by Mexican beauty influencer Yasmin Maya, these faux mink lashes increase in length and volume towards the outer ends for an instant cat eye.

3. Hija De Tu Madre Jefa Owned Growth Notepad $16

If your mom is the kind of mujer empoderada that always has about 456 things to do, she’ll love this easy, cute notepad that’s all about owning our growth. Thought up by Hija De Tu Madre founder and daughter of Mexican immigrants Patty Delgado, this notebook was unveiled on National Jefa Day in collaboration with PepsiCo — and is great for any absolute boss in your life!

4. Nopalera Flor de Mayo Cactus Soap $14

We absolutely love bath and body brand Nopalera, created by proud daughter of Mexican immigrants Sandra Velasquez. The founder got inspired by her heritage to create a line that brings the power of nopales to exfoliants, soap, and more, and the products are just as luxurious as the gorgeous packaging.

Under $50

1. Bonita Fierce Lavender Fabulosa Candle $30

Finally, the perfect gift for the mom who loves to limpiar la casa on weekends — and blast all the Celia Cruz, Vicente Fernandez, Marc Anthony, and even maybe some reggaeton while she’s at it. This candle was made by eco-conscious Latinx founder Melissa Gallardo, getting inspired by that squeaky-clean house smell including lavender, sage, citrus and cedar.

2. Valdé Ritual Creamy Satin Lipstick $40

If your mami is as flirty and thriving as ever no matter her age, then may we introduce you to a gift she’ll absolutely adore? This clean, cruelty-free, vegan line was founded by Margarita Arriagada, who draws inspiration from her own mother’s courage: “The freedom to discover who and what you want to be is the ultimate gift a woman can give herself. It is the legacy my mom left me, and the one I wish to leave my daughter.” This lipstick is super creamy with moisturizing hyaluronic acid and antioxidant-rich botanical extracts, plus micronized pigments for a serious pop of color.

3. D’Santy Adelita Ibarra Huaraches $36 

Adelita Ibarra Wide

Now, if your mom is a shoe lover at heart (we can relate!) why not gift her a pair she’ll want to wear every single day and feel good doing so? D’Santy Huaraches are handmade by a family in Michoacan, Mexico, with an end goal to connect the Latinx community back to their roots. Available for women, men, and kids in a rainbow of colors and styles, these are 100% leather, too.

4. Le Catrina Rebozo Pashmina Chal Cremita Florecitas $42.99

Okay, so moms are either turning up the fan to unbearably-icy, North Pole-esque temperatures (yep, hot flashes are a thing) or they’re complaining about how cold it is. There is no happy medium! If the latter sounds like your mami, this beautiful shawl is just the thing for her. Soft and light with heirloom-quality embroidery, it is made in Mexico by local artisans and brought to us by avant-garde Mexican-owned boutique Le Catrina.

Under $100

1. Mind Naturals Self Love Box $54

It’s just a fact: every mom in the world needs a little bit more self-love. While mothers usually have an endless list of priorities before their own crucial self care, this gift should fix that stat. A “three step self love ritual,” this set includes a facial cleanser gel, refreshing mist, and oil control moisturizer. Plus, the brand was founded by Colombiana entrepreneur Paulina Vega.

2. Vibemade Bree Twin Beaded Bracelet $90

lapis lazuli and gold filled bracelet

We think every mom deserves a bit of sparkle on Mother’s Day, but not just any piece of jewelry — Vibemade was co-founded by Dominican entrepreneurs and spouses Grace Alvarez and Eduardo Ramirez Holguin, focusing on positivity and yes, good vibes. This bracelet features beads made of lapis lazuli, seen as the crystal of wisdom and tying in perfectly to the women in your life that give you the best advice.

3. Vamigas Mañanita Kit $72

Self-care will never get old for us, especially when it comes in the form of luxe, rare ingredients that turn any bath experience into a spa ritual. Vamigas was co-founded by Ann Dunning and Christina Kelmon, who started off as two Latina angel investors in San Francisco. Fast forward to today, and they’re bringing us products like this kit that comes complete with a purifying cleanser made of açaí, prickly pear, and chia, followed by a balancing mist that is super-refreshing with yerba mate. The facial oil is the epitome of sumptuous with components like maqui, papaya, and prickly pear, so yeah, your mom will love you forever for this gift.

4. Rëzo Hair Care Gray Rëzo Silk-lined Hoodie $79.95

Gray Rëzo Silk-lined Hoodie - Rëzo Haircare

If your mom has rocked her curls since the 70s and 80s (those ah-mazing photos tucked in your garage are proof), then she’ll love this super-soft hoodie with a curl-safe, pink silk lining. Brought to us by LatinX beauty brand founder and curly hair expert Nubia Rëzo, this sweater’s hood is twice as large as usual to fit all your curls and never ruin your gorgeous locks.

Under $200

1. IYKYK Saint Honoré Small Pearl Necklace $128

Who doesn’t love something personalized? If you don’t have a regular mom, but very much a cool mom, then please find the gift she will be absolutely obsessed with. This luxe necklace includes a string of freshwater 6mm pearls and 18k gold-plated beads, plus an 18k gold-plated Old English initial with a vintage-style toggle closure. IYKYK was founded by Laura Guerrero, originally from Guadalajara, with all products handmade in L.A. This piece was actually inspired by the owner’s travels through Paris!

2. Neems Los Angeles Gift Card $200

We’ve all been there — those shopping days when you just need to find one good pair of jeans, but none of them fit your curves just right. Well, Latina CEO Daniela Rodriguez encountered that problem time and time again, so she founded Neems: a brand that designs custom-made jeans to your individual measurements. This gift card is enough for one pair of tailor-made jeans your mom will want to wear all the time.

3. Port De Bras Zoé Legging $175

If your mom loves to stay active and is always in workout clothes no matter what, why not step up her athleisure game with some of the best leggings on the market? Port De Bras‘ founder Clarissa Egaña recently won the Latin American Fashion Summit’s Latin Designer of the Year Award, and it’s easy to see why: the designs are super-femme and free of synthetic polyamides.