As Mother’s Day approaches, we have all the señora hacks on the brain.

You know the ones: the kind of cooking and cleaning miracles only your mami and abuela know, passed down from generation to generation. Yes, this includes storing limes in water in the refrigerator to keep them fresh for longer, using Vicks VapoRub (A.K.A. vivaporub) on everything from pimples to rashes to actually clearing up congestion, and yes — keeping Mistolin and Fabuloso on hand at all times.

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While you surely already have a slew of señora hacks in your own family, we took to TikTok to get the inside info on everyone else’s can’t-live-without cooking and cleaning tricks. The result? We’re mind-blown — and our lives just became about five times easier. Curious? Bring out your inner señora and use these 17 TikTok señora hacks in your own life. Just remember to play some Marc Anthony or Luis Miguel while you’re at it!

1. You know those tupperware containers your mom always has in the fridge that you can never close correctly? They’re way easier to seal than you think.

2. This trick is perfect for easily shredding chicken, pork, fish, or anything that could possibly fit in a tortilla. No standing mixer? A hand-mixer works, too!

3. So… it’s that time of the month to clean your makeup brushes. While you might be dreading it, all you need is some trusty Zote soap and a brush cleansing palette or small silicone mat. 


Señora Hacks! Comment other señora hacks you want featured. #FamiliaLatina #YouGotThis

♬ original sound – FIERCE

4. You know when you need to mop the floors and there’s no way you can properly fill up your bucket in your tiny sink? All you need is a dustpan.



♬ sonido original – Maire Wink

5. Okay — we can all agree folding a fitted sheet is one of the most annoying chores of all time (not to mention actually putting it on your bed… but one #señorahack at a time). This trick makes it as easy as pie (or flan… or tres leches).

6. Why are frijoles en bolsa so hard to squeeze out when you’re in the middle of cooking? This hack solves that and it’s all down to science.

7. Another use for a hand mixer or should we say hand blender? Making refried beans in minutes. 

8. If you work in an office and use a mask all day, you might have felt that pesky pain behind your ears. One of our fave señora hacks? Tying your mask to your hair instead… or a cute hair scarf.

9. If you use sports bras, you surely know that removable cups always shrink and wrinkle after washing and drying. Wrinkly cups, meet the steamer.


Hot Señora Summer hacks— Steam your bralette cups after you wash #latinaownedbusiness #fashionhacks #parati #ecofriendlyfashion

♬ original sound – vrywvy

10. We had already accepted the fate of cereal boxes in our homes, usually staying somewhat open and making our Cocoa Puffs slightly stale unless we ate it fast enough. This hack, though? Genius.


Cómo cerrar una caja de cereal correctamente. #SeñoraHacks #Hacks #hackstiktok #ElGuzii

♬ original sound – elguzii

11. If you want to help the environment and save money, refilling bottles of cleaning supplies is always a good idea. This hack lets you remove bottle tops easily — even the ones that are designed to never come off. 


I remember trying to do this a few years ago and couldn’t figure out how to get it off 😂 #swifferwetjethack #cleaninghacks #senoralife

♬ original sound – C a s t r o

12. Consider us shook: these little silicone tubes you find on Amazon can peel garlic easily so you don’t have to. As this TikToker explains, “It would make me so mad having to peel them”… and we’re just mad we didn’t hear about this sooner!


It would make me so mad having to peel them don’t judge me 😂 #kitchenhacks #señoralife #kitchenware #kitchengadgets

♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

13. Love tostadas? Apparently you can dump tons of tortillas all at once in a deep fryer and they still come out golden and perfect. Now we need tinga de pollo stat.

14. Nobody actually likes peeling chiles poblanos — it’s just a fact of the chiles rellenos life. So how to make your life easier? Simply toss them in the oven on the broiler setting.

15. This summer, why not take your freezer pops to the next level? While you should definitely set some aside as is for the kids, take a few for the adults and fill them with some tequila. Use a hair iron to seal, and salud!

@chata2.0 Summer is here 🔥 #xyzbca #arizonacheck #josecurevo #lifehacks #señoralife ♬ FoLLoW mE iF YOu sEE tHiS – alex

16. Speaking of kids, we’ve uncovered the easiest homemade snack: making pizza rolls with freezer bread rolls, tomato sauce, cheese and pepperoni. Anyone else need this right now?

17. Great, so now we’ve discovered we’ve been using a can opener wrong our whole lives. We guess you can say we’re very thankful for the TikTok gods right about now.