Did you grow up watching “La Rosa de Guadalupe”? If you did, then you remember how dramatic these episodes are and that’s exactly why we decided to make an episode of our own featuring Instagram stars Louie and Yoatzi Castro.

After a divorce from her good-for-nothing husband, this seemingly normal Mexican mom starts developing perra-esque habits. Josephina, played by Louie Castro, starts wearing skimpy tubetop dresses to bars with her comadres, misses her mother-daughter breakfast dates and is hungover all the time. Josephina’s reaches a new low when she starts hitting on her daughter’s childhood friend. At this point she is known as La Más Perra

If you grew up watching “La Rosa de Guadalupe” you know that only a rosa miracle is capable of straightening out a Perra like this.  Watch the video above to see if Yoatzi Castro’s prayers are answered and if La Más Perra gets her life back together.