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Mother’s Day Brawl At Red Lobster Is Peak Quarantine Mess

Hello, it’s May 13, day 48 in quarantine orders if you’re in California, and caca is getting real. Personalities are coming out like Zuul from Ghostbusters and wreaking havoc and it looks like not being able to eat, hug and be merry with our parents on Mother’s Day weekend really got to some of us.

Exhibit A: over the weekend a Red Lobster customer started an all-out brawl at a chain located in East York, Pennsylvania because it was taking too long to get her biscuits.

An unidentified woman abruptly went berserk on Sunday after having to wait for three hours for her order at Red Lobster.

The woman, who identifies herself in the video as “Kathy Hill” had, according to the recording been wanting a refund after waiting outside of the restaurant for three hours. Shouting, while not wearing a mask and attempting to push her way inside of the restaurant, Hill screamed for a refunded demanding “I want my money refunded!”

A whole crew of Red Lobster employees had to hold their ground at the door while Karen— I mean Hill— attempted to “here’s johnny!” her way into the store. The whole thing escalated when Hill got real crabby and slapped an employee who eventually had enough and pulled the customer’s hair.

As if things weren’t fishy enough, Hill then claimed she had been attacked.

“I was assaulted and have a whole crowd to see it,” Hill claims triumphantly after the other employees finally lodged their Red Lobster peer’s hand from her hair. Soon after the altercation, the employees retreated indoors while others continued to complain about the wait.

According to reports, police in Springettsbury Township came to the restaurant and spoke to the employees involved in the incident.

The New York Post says, “the woman in the video had already left, but cops caught up with her elsewhere, the newspaper reports.” Though no charges have been filed in the incident yet, it apparently remains under investigation. It is important to note that the restaurant was open to only employees at the time, and according to the Post, a Red Lobster spokeswoman said in a statement that some guests experienced “long wait times” on Mother’s Day because of to COVID-19 and operational changes.

“It is always our goal to provide our guests with a great seafood experience, and unfortunately, for some guests, we did not meet that goal on Sunday,” the spokesperson said in the statement. “We are working to better understand what occurred and how we can prevent it occurring in the future. That said, we do not tolerate violence for any reason in our restaurants.”

By this morning, Red Lobster was trending on Twitter and the original Twitter post had been shared and liked thousands of times.

While it looks like no one was severely, physically hurt by the altercation, it does look like the buckling pressure of the pandemic is getting to a lot of us.

Keep calm, kids!

FIERCE LGBTQ Couples Are Sharing How They Met And It’s The Sweetest Thing


FIERCE LGBTQ Couples Are Sharing How They Met And It’s The Sweetest Thing

Charles McQuillan / Getty

As we highlight Pride month, we wanted to share beautiful stories of LGBTQ+ love. To do so, we recently asked our FIERCE readers on Instagram to tell us how they met their partners and the results were not only hilarious but deeply inspiring.

Love is love and we love this kind of love.

Check it out!

The old slide in trick.

“I slid into the DMs.” – joanacanna

On their start to being ~educated latinas~

“My girlfriend and I met at the end of our first year of law school. She would say that I curved her for a few months before we became close. Almost three years later, we are both attorneys and looking forward to where life takes us.” – legalricanmujer

These two lovers who met while pushing for a joint interest

“We met in boot camp! 10 years ago (we’ve been together 2 /1/2 years, married 1 yr.” –hey_itsaj18

Chicas who started out on the same path and stuck together.

“We met in Nursing school we graduated together. That was 4 years ago, she’s a psychiatric nurse and I’m a geriatric nurse.” – m_a_r_i_a__j_o_h_a_n_n_a

They found love in a pandemic place.

Love in the time of Corona, thanks to Hinge!” – bienvenidarealidad__

Turns out the internet is the ultimate matchmaker.

“On the HER app. The same day she liked my profile she ended up coming into my job. I saw her but she didn’t see me. I ended up messaging her that night when I got off of work & we have been inseparable ever since. 3 years later and everyday I fall in love with her over & over again.” – _yourfavoritepoet_

And this is the most hilarious one of all.

“My wife @chulaworldand I were both seeing the same guy (total 🐶) …… so when we found out about each other we met up! And we have LITERALLY been inseparable ever since. Married on 4/20/19.” –bunuelitas

Protestors In Puerto Rico Bringing A Guillotine To The Governor’s Mansion Is Just Another Reminder Boricua’s Don’t Mess Around

Things That Matter

Protestors In Puerto Rico Bringing A Guillotine To The Governor’s Mansion Is Just Another Reminder Boricua’s Don’t Mess Around

@JoshuaPotash / Twitter

Like every other Latin American country and state, Puerto Rico has a long and torrid history with racism.

On the island, hundreds of protestors are now also taking place in the demonstrations that were sparked by the death of African-American police victim, George Floyd. In an effort to combat racism, protesters marched outside the mansion of Governor Wanda Vázquez in Old San Juan. Meanwhile, they chanted and demanded justice for George Floyd while also demanding change in Puerto Rico.

Ignoring the island’s coronavirus curfew, protestors took to the street and protested with all sorts of messages, but the one that truly caught those of us watching was the moment when protestors brought in a guillotine.

As anger and frustration continued to fuel the demonstrations, protestors brought in a massive guillotine to the Governor’s Mansion.

Shariana Ferrer-Núñez, a member of Puerto Rico’s Feminist Collective Under Construction, told Democracy Now that “We recognize that we must dismantle white supremacy, we must dismantle a racialized system, we must eradicate anti-Black violence” about the demonstrations.

According to the blog Orlando Latina, “For Puerto Rico’s elected class, the guillotine ought to be a terrifying symbol, as indeed it was during the French Revolution. But I doubt it, for the political class is a self-serving, self-dealing “firm” that has become unmoored from the people on the ground and oblivious to its needs.”

Here’s hoping this symbol hits elected officials in Puerto Rico enough to attempt to make change.