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Latino Leaders Demand Apology From Florida Governor After Blaming COVID Spikes On Latino Laborers

Update June 24, 2020, 5:21 p.m. PST: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is overseeing one of the strongest COVID-19 peaks in the U.S. The Sunshine State has set records for COVID-19 infections and he recently blamed Latino laborers. Latino leaders are demanding an apology for the comments.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is being criticized for his COVID-19 response and comments.

Florida’s coronavirus outbreak is one of the worst in the nation. The response has put millions of Floridians at risk of contracting the virus. The state has set daily records for the most daily infections on a state level several times over. Gov. DeSantis blamed “Hispanic laborers” and leaders demand an apology.

“It’s absolutely embarrassing, appalling,” state Rep. Javier Fernández said during a news call Monday. Rep. Fernández went on to say that we are in a dark time in politics when something like this is allowed to happen. A coalition of 50 groups sent Gov. DeSantis a letter in April asking for more testing in the rural communities in Florida.

According to NBC News, Natascha Otero-Santiago, vice president of the Democratic Hispanic Caucus of Florida, is calling on Gov. DeSantis to come forward with his sources for the claims of “Hispanic laborers” being the leading cause for COVID-19 spikes across the state.

Original: Florida is experiencing a troubling increase in COVID-19 cases. The state sent a new record with more than 3,800 new cases in a day. The state, which has quickly reopened without ever completely shutting down, is concerning health experts in the U.S. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is putting the blame on one community.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is blaming the Latino community for Florida’s COVID-19 spike.

During a press conference in Tallahassee, Gov. DeSantis blamed the increase of COVID-19 cases on “overwhelmingly Hispanic” laborers. He then used language that otherized the laborers to create fearful rhetoric about them bringing the virus with them.

“Some of these guys go to work in a school bus, and they are all just packed there like sardines, going across Palm Beach County or some of these other places, and there’s all these opportunities to have transmission,” DeSantis said during a press conference in Tallahassee.

Florida was one of the first states to push for a rapid reopening against guidelines from health experts.

Florida never went into full lockdown. The state made national headlines as beach closure, during Spring Break, we left up to the individual counties. This allowed for people to flood Florida beaches and bars despite the growing risk of COVID-19 infections.

The governor is facing a lot of backlash for his scapegoating after what many perceive as a failure in leadership.

According to the Miami Herald, Florida’s Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried fired back as Gov. DeSantis to correct the record. Fried stated that the migrant workers Gov. DeSantis blamed have left Florida after harvest weeks ago. Fried also pointed out that the outbreaks are concentrated in non-agriculture communities.

Floridians are calling on Gov. DeSantis to do better to protect public health.

COVID-19 numbers are increasing in several states in the U.S. Florida is among the most severe spikes with record-breaking numbers of infections daily. Experts continue to warn of the ongoing threat COVID-19 poses in the U.S. stressing the use of facial coverings and social distancing.

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This Insane Video of an Anti-Mask ‘Karen’ Screaming and Resisting Arrest in a Florida Bagel Shop is Going Viral

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This Insane Video of an Anti-Mask ‘Karen’ Screaming and Resisting Arrest in a Florida Bagel Shop is Going Viral

Screenshot via Instagram

Just when you think yo’ve seen all the Karen videos out there, one comes out of left field and blows them all out of the water.

The video we’re talking about here is the video of Cindy Falco-DiCorrado, a 62-year-old “anti-mask activist” who exemplifies the very definition of white privilege.

Falco-DiCorrado was arrested last Thursday at an Einstein Bagels location in Boca Raton, Florida. Luckily for the internet, Falco-DiCorrado had a camerawoman in tow to record the entire debacle leading up to the arrest.

The video starts in the middle of things, with an officer taking an unmasked Falco-DiCorrado by the arm, asking her to please step outside. It is immediately evident that the woman (who, by the way, is dressed in head-to-toe leopard print) will not be compliant.

Falco-DiCorrado begins raising her voice and screaming at the officer, shouting things like “Get your hands off of me! You are kidnapping me!” and “You are violating the Constitution! That’s discrimination!”

At one point, the unseen camerawoman who is recording the meltdown pans around the bagel shop to get a look at all of the spectators.

It appears that every customer in the shop, as well as the workers behind the counter, have taken their phones out to record the bizarre incident.

The Florida woman continues to struggle with the cop and scream things like “Get your hands off of me! I’ve done nothing wrong, I am not a criminal,” while accusing the police officer (who is Black) of “stealing her purse”.

The struggle continues until a second cop arrives and immediately decides to not handle the unhinged woman with kid gloves. The second cop immediately grabs her by the arm and, with the help of the other cop, proceeds to drag her out of the shop.

But the video doesn’t end there. As Falco-DiCorrado is dragged out of the shop, she continues to scream.

The officers proceed to arrest her while she struggles against them and screams: “Stop it! You cannot arrest me! I’ve done nothing illegal!”

The entire time she is being arrested she is visibly and enthusiastically resisting arrest.

Watching the video, one can’t help but wonder how the officers would have treated her if her skin was a different color.

The video was posted to the popular Instagram page @CrazyKarens where it quickly went viral.

Commentators were stunned by the entire interaction, writing things like: “They let her get away with way too much! They would’ve thrown a person of color right on the ground the minute he/she didn’t stand up.”

Another person said: “With all that resistance she didn’t get pepper spray, no taser, no knee to the neck, no punches and they even called her ‘ma’am'”.

According to officials, Falco-DiCorrado is facing charges of trespassing and resisting arrest without violence. All because she didn’t want to wear a mask.

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Florida Teen Nicole Martinez Who Was Kidnapped By Ex-Con is Found Safe in Virginia

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Florida Teen Nicole Martinez Who Was Kidnapped By Ex-Con is Found Safe in Virginia

Photo via PPinesPD/Twitter

The public has been informed of a happy ending to a story that could have ended tragically. Authorities have revealed that the Florida teen who was abducted by gunpoint on Sunday morning has been found safely in Virginia.

According to police, 18-year-old Nicole Martinez was found unharmed with her kidnapper, 37-year-old Jaddier Sanchez.

Florida authorities revealed that Sanchez abducted Martinez and her parents by gunpoint from their home in Pembroke Pines shortly after midnight on Sunday. He forced Martinez and her parents into their Dodge Ram pickup truck and drove the family around, forcing them to withdraw cash at various ATM machines.

He drove the car to Palm Beach, at which point he told the parents to “get out”. He then drove off with Nicole still in the car, against her will. Martinez’s parents were found wandering at the side of the road by authorities around 5:30 am on Sunday.

The Virginia authorities were able to locate Sanchez around 1 a.m. Monday morning, driving on the Interstate 95 near Springfield in the stolen vehicle.

According to police reports, he was arrested “without incident”. A preliminary search of the car turned up crack cocaine as well as a loaded firearm.

Per the police, Martinez was not gravely harmed, but she was nonetheless taken to a Virginia hospital for minor injuries. Authorities are not giving any other update on her physical condition.

In Virgina, Sanchez faced a judge for three weapons charges, a drug charge and a traffic offense. In Florida, he faces a myriad of other legal troubles. Florida police have yet to formally charge Sanchez, but the Florida man is facing charges of armed robbery, three counts of kidnapping, and grand theft of a vehicle.

According to Martinez’s parents, the family was acquainted with the kidnapper through their daughter.

Police have since revealed that 37-year-old Sanchez was in a “romantic relationship” with the 18-year-old. No further details have been given.

Since his arrest, reports have come out the at Sanchez has spent most of his adult life in and out of prison.

According to the South Florida Sun Sentinel, since he was 18-years-old, Sanchez has been charged with shoplifting, burglary, larceny, aggravated stalking, trespassing, aggravated battery, armed robbery with a deadly weapon, kidnapping, and domestic violence with intent to kill.

Sanchez had been behind bars since 2006, but was released in late 2020. It didn’t take much time for him to get in trouble with the law again, however.

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