Diane Guerrero Teams Up With MTV To Knock Some Sense Into People Who Are In Favor Of The Wall

“Being the daughter of immigrants is a very American story.”

Diane Guerrero, whose parents got deported to Colombia when she was 14 years old, opens up about immigration, identity, and diversity for MTV’s campaign #BeyondTheWall. “‘Beyond the Wall’ is love, empathy, inclusion. If we start having conversations of how we work together and stop having conversations about walls, then we can get somewhere,” says “The Orange is the New Black” star. “And then we’ll be what this great nation represents,” she added. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Listen above. Everything she says is so powerful.

Cristela Alonzo, Arturo Castro, and others have also joined the movement. Find out more about #BeyondTheWall, here.

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