High School Administrators Actually Approved These Signs For A Pep Rally

Colleyville Heritage High School in Colleyville, Texas, is under fire for using Donald Trump campaign imagery for a pep rally. Their theme? “Make Colleyville Great Again.” Seriously. The affluent school was getting ready for a game against Trinity High School, which was ranked as the most diverse school in Texas and sixth most diverse in the nation. Just an FYI, Colleyville Heritage High School ranks 484th in diversity in the state of Texas and 4,633rd nationwide in diversity.

According to Dallas News, the spokesman for the school district said the theme was “Make Colleyville Great Again,” meaning if Colleyville beat Trinity High School, their football team would be great again.

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Yeah. You read that right.

That is literally Donald Trump’s campaign slogan, just with Colleyville replacing “America.”

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“At the pep rally I leaned over to a friend next to me and was like, ‘How was this allowed?'” Colleyville Heritage sophomore Cooper Enright told Dallas News. “Who thought it was appropriate to have our student body represented in that way?”

To make things just a tad more in your face, students even made a “wall” that was paid for by Trinity High School.

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It is worth noting that THS is 21 percent black, 26 percent Latino and 36 percent white, according to Dallas News. No matter how you try to spin it, the “paid for by Trinity” is a clear shout out to Trump calling on Mexicans to pay for the border wall.

Some Texas high school students are learning a hard lesson about social media: Watch what you share.

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As the student so eloquently put it, “well shit.”

Some CHHS students took to Twitter to let the world know that not every student thought the racist signs were funny or appropriate.

Even some alumni weighed in on the debate and threw their support behind THS.

Now, don’t be too harsh on the little high school students. Sure, they messed up, but according to student Audrey Warner, the school administrators approved the theme and signs.

The student says people calling the signs “racist” are just stereotyping her because she goes to a “wealthy school.”

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Sorry, Warner. The attacker cannot be the victim no matter how you try to spin it.

But don’t worry. Trinity defeated Colleyville Heritage on the field, winning 35-21.

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