How the World is Finally Taking Notice of Romeo Santos

Credit: Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

Romeo Santos’ voice is hypnotizing. His bachata is like delicious, warm butter to our ears. We’ve melted to his music and his sexiness. This has been happening since 1995, since his band Los Tinellers released their self-produced album Trampa de Amor. Finally, the rest of the world is catching up.

Noisey’s latest feature on Santos talks about how people like Nicky Minaj, Usher, Lil’ Wayne, and Drake are taking notice…how they’ve all done collaborations with him in Spanish. Duh! He’s sold out venues all over the world, including two nights at the Yankee Stadium — neither Metallica nor Pink Floyd can say the same thing.

Although we’ve taken note of this rising star for the better part of two decades, we’re happy he’s finally getting the recognition he deserves stateside.

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PLAY: Who is Your Soulmate, Romeo Santos or Prince Royce?

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With His New Look, Some Fans Think The Weeknd Is Back To Release A Bachata Album


With His New Look, Some Fans Think The Weeknd Is Back To Release A Bachata Album

It’s only Wednesday, but we’re waiting for The Weeknd to make an appearance. Yes, *that* Weeknd because in case you’ve been living under a rock, the Canadian singer and songwriter made his first red carpet appearance since splitting with model Bella Hadid, and he’s basically unrecognizable. 

Don’t get us wrong, he still looks handsome but this just isn’t The Weeknd we’re used to. He was rocking new ‘stache, people!

And because the internet is undefeated, the memes quickly came rolling in about The Weeknd and his new look. 

The Weeknd was seen at the Toronto Film Festival on Monday night, he was there for the premiere of Adam Sandler’s film Uncut Gems, where he makes a feature film debut. According to Complex, people are attributing the new vibe to his recent breakup with Hadid, which happened last month. 

People were quick to compare his new look to that of Nacho Libre, and honestly, where’s the lie? We can’t unsee it.

The resemblance is uncanny. Now we need a Nacho Libre reboot with The Weeknd in it. 

Next up on the people whom The Weeknd now resembles… Lionel Richie. 


Others thought The Weeknd looked like someone who would be playing The Weeknd in a BET special.

So meta. Mind is blown. 

Another Twitter user said the Toronto native resembled American singer and songwriter El DeBarge. 

I mean, those ‘staches are pretty identical and we can definitely picture The Weeknd doing his own remix of “Rhythm of the Night.”

See, people are noticing a trend here. 

One Twitter user put things into a necessary perspective saying, “a lot of you can’t handle the fact that this is ABEL and not THE WEEKND and it really shows.”

Tbh, she’s right. Who are we to judge what Abel does when The Weeknd is taking a well-deserved break, you know?

Others said that he went from being The Weeknd to “Monday morning.”

Also accurate tbh.

With his new look, The Weeknd could easily release a new salsa album.

Oh, and according to this Twitter user, you can now refer to him as “El Wikén.”

We might even get a Bruno “Marsito” collab that one Twitter user dubbed as “El Fin De Semana En Marte.”

We’re for this collab. 

You know what, The Weeknd (aka El Fin De Semana now) might also actually drop a merengue album.

I’d definitely have that on my most-played playlist.

A Twitter user who replied to the original tweet compared him to Wilfrido Vargas. 

In case you don’t know who that is, he’s a bandleader, trumpeter, vocalist, and producer who was instrumental in making the merengue style so popular.

If you’re a Princess Diaries fan, then you’ll appreciate this meme poling fun of The Weeknd makeover. 

Only Paolo from the Princess Diaries can achieve this transformation, obviously. 

Of course, pop culture and entertainment website Bossip took the cake for best headline and best tweet about The Weeknd.

“The Weeknd (aka El Fin De Semana) seemed to have morphed into someone’s young Dominican uncle who runs the hottest club in town while attending the premiere of Crime Comedy-Drama “Uncut Gems” at the star-studded Toronto International Film Festival,” Bossip wrote

The Weeknd was also seen singing Happy Birthday to Adam Sandler toward the end of the night.

Credit: emrata / Instagram

All jokes aside though, we’re glad The Weeknd is trying on new looks and hairstyles. We’ve seen him evolve tremendously over the course of his career, and we’re excited to see what his new chapter brings, maybe some salsa, maybe some merengue, maybe some bachata… who knows. 

But we’re still here for it. 

This Video Of People In Japan Dancing To Bachata And Merengue Proves That Latino Music Really Is Taking Over The World


This Video Of People In Japan Dancing To Bachata And Merengue Proves That Latino Music Really Is Taking Over The World

mi corazon viajero / YouTube

Listen to a radio station in nearly any city in the world and you’re gonna hear at least a few hit Latino artists streaming over those airwaves.

From LA to New York, London to Paris, Toronto to even Tokyo, Latino music seems to be taking over the world. And you’re not imagining it. Latino artists quickly risen to become one of the most played and streamed music groups everywhere in the world.

And this absolutely sickening video of Japanese dancers enjoying some bachata at a club in Japan proves it.

Artist Tony Peralta came across the Latino-music loving group and uploaded the video of them killing the dance moves to his Twitter.

One Twitter user pointed out that Japan has been a fan of Latin music for a very long time.

Credit: @peraltaprjct / Twitter

Orquesta de la Luz helped launch the Latin music craze in Japan during the 1990s and it’s remained ever since.

Before Orquesta de la Luz, the only other Japanese salsa band to make headlines was Orquesta del Sol, emerging around 1978. They’re said to have influenced Nora and her bandmates, and some even refer to them as the first and foremost Japanese salsa band. But by comparison, their impact was not so immense and widespread as that of Orquesta de la Luz.

Turns out basically where ever you go in Japan you’re gonna hear Latin music.

Credit: @JimmyCaldero / Twitter

We had no idea that Latin music – from salsa and merengue to reggaeton – was so popular across Japan. But we are living for this!

One Twitter user wanted to remind us all of the close relationship between Japan and Latin America.

Credit: @quemirasnojoda / Twitter

It’s true. In fact, the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo is home to more Japanese than any other city outside of Japan. The city’s Libertad district is the largest Japanese community in the world and Japanese culture plays a huge part in shaping local Paulista identity, from the food to the music.

I mean J Balvin is even collaborating with a major Japanese hip hop group.

Credit: @AkibaCam / Twitter

Reggaetonero and Latin music superstar J Balvin has teamed up with Japan-based hip-hop trio m-flo on the theme song for a new animated movie, called HUMAN LOST, to be released in theaters worldwide this fall.

And with the popularity of Japan’s anime culture and Latino music increasing around the world, this collaboration makes perfect sense for the “Mi Gente” singer to do.

And it’s not just in Japan. Latinos are hearing their music all over the world.

Credit: @peraltaprjct / Twitter

Yup, from cities across Europe and the US to tiny town in Canada, western Africa, Hong Kong, and yes, Tokyo, Latino music is taking over the world and we couldn’t be more excited.

And this isn’t #fakenews. Latino music really is dominating music charts around the world.

I mean look at the Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee hit ‘Despacito.’ That track is now tied for the longest-running No. 1 ever, in any language, on the Hot 100. And although that’s huge news, it’s nothing when you look at the sheer number of Latino songs hitting the charts.

In 2017, there were a record 19 predominantly Spanish-language tracks that made it onto the Billboard Hot 100. That’s up from just 4 in 2016 and 3 in 2015.

Ok, so it’s obvious Latino music is having a huge moment.

Regardless of how you mix and match it, the reality remains that never in the modern history of the Billboard charts have so many tracks in Spanish coexisted on the Hot 100. So what happened?

As far as the music goes, it’s danceable. That’s a major key, because by making us think with our feet instead of our head, it becomes language-agnostic. 

Now, thanks to the impact of reggaeton, we suddenly have an avalanche of danceable Latin tracks with a pop feel, and the combination is universally appealing. Witness Maluma, whose music seems to work in every language and every territory. 

Some mad collaborations are also helping drive the popularity of Latino artists and their music.

The clincher, however, has been collaborations — both between Latin acts, and between Latin and mainstream acts. Yes, “Despacito” was a hit pre-Bieber, but it became a juggernaut once he got on the track. Same for “Mi Gente” and Beyonce and now, Cardi B with Ozuna on “A Modelo.” The fact that the biggest acts in the world want to record in Spanish opens ears for Latin music around the world.

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