The RNC’s Latina Spokeswoman Had Trouble Saying Why She Defends Trump

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Let’s just all agree that we are happy NOT to have to defend Donald Trump.

Helen Aguirre Ferré sat down with José Díaz Balart on “Enfoque with Jose Diaz Balart” to talk about her new position within the Republican National Committee. Aguirre Ferré recently became the Director of Hispanic Communication, and has found herself having to defend Trump to Latinos as part of her job. That is arguably one of the toughest jobs on the planet at the moment. Rather than giving some good, strong answers about why Trump is the best candidate for Latinos, Aguirre Ferré stuck to the “Clinton is so bad” narrative. In short, Aguirre Ferré spent the whole interview evading any question about Trump, and mentioned Hillary Clinton so much you’d think she was working for the DNC.

So, what did she say when Diaz Balart asked her if there is division in the Republican Party over Trump? “Everyone has to make their own decision in this campaign, and that isn’t different from any other year,” Aguirre Ferré said in Spanish. “The Republican Party, like I said, is united in defeating Hillary Clinton and that is what unites all of us.”

And what does she have to say about defending Trump directly? “Look, the Republican Party and the work of the Republican National Committee is to represent the Republican Party, and we support all of our candidates, and I’m proud to be a member of the Republican Party,” Aguirre Ferré explained, trying to mention the word “Republican” as much as possible.

Let’s not forget that this is the same woman who was very anti-Trump just a few months ago.

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Whatever happened to this woman?

And she was very vocal in calling Trump out on his B.S. on Twitter.

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She once dragged the presumptive Republican nominee through the mud like it was her job.

She has even deleted some of the tweets because, you know, politics.

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But, hey, at least she wasn’t deleting emails, right?

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