Mexican Bath Bombs And Body Scrubs You Didn’t Know You Needed In Your Life

Entrepreneur Mira Vanegas is taking bath bombs and body scrubs to a whole new level. Her line Loquita Bath and Body is giving us life with its deliciously scented products in never-before-smelled scents of concha and mazapan. But she’s not stopping there…

Cupcake bath bombs are super cute, but Mira Vanegas wanted something that spoke to her so she came up with her own line, Loquita Bath and Body.

Because what better than a concha?

“I see so many bath and body brands that are catering to a certain type of people, and while I think they’re cool, it didn’t really speak to me. I wanted to make a line inspired by familiarity and nostalgia,” Vanegas told mitú.

But a concha bath bomb wasn’t enough for her fans… So she came out with a concha sugar scrub. Yuuuuum!

“Well, I started small and had to scale big really quickly when I noticed that people were interested,” Vanegas told mitú. “It’s been a lot of early mornings to a lot of late nights, and even a few all-nighters. But if I have to hustle from sun up to sun down, then so be it.”

After the huge response she got from the sugar scrub, she launched new scents in cafecito, tri-sabor and FLAN.

*Drooling profusely*

“I love the response I have gotten,” Vanegas told mitú. “I love to hear people tell me ‘wow I opened my box and it smelled like a panadería!’ I also love seeing it go from an idea to something tangible.”

Check out how she makes her products straight from scratch:

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And she’s always working on new products. So, what will be next?…

“I have some novela-inspired things in the works and even things inspired by songs,” Vanegas told mitú. “I am also working on something for all my greñudas out there and all the ladies who love to andar de pelo suelto!” We can’t wait!

And if you have any ideas that you would love Loquita Bath and Body to bring to life, send in your requests through Instagram, or her website:

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