Hit-Maker JonTheProducer Drops Debut “Doctor” with Prince Royce, Mau y Ricky And Piso 21

Latin hit-maker JonTheProducer is stepping out as an artist. The producer released his debut single “Doctor” featuring Mau y Ricky, Piso 21, and Prince Royce. The guys battle the heartache blues in the music video.

One of JonTheProducer’s biggest hits is “Sin Pijama.”

Jon Leone, who is better known as JonTheProducer, is behind today’s top hits in Latin music. He’s a French-American producer of Jewish descent, but he’s found his groove in the Latin genre. His credits include the 38-times Platinum “Sin Pijama” by Becky G and Natti Natasha and the 4-times Platinum “No Me Acuerdo” by Thalía with Natasha.

He won his first Latin Grammy Award in November with Camilo.

JonTheProducer also helped Colombian pop star Camilo rise to prominence last year. He’s behind Camilo’s breakthrough album Por Primera Vez. JonTheProducer won his first Latin Grammy Award in November when Camilo’s “Tutu” took home Best Pop Song. He was also nominated for a Grammy Award in March for his work on Camilo’s album.

“Doctor” is JonTheProducer’s first release an artist.

In November, JonTheProducer announced his signing with the label Good Family Group, in a partnership with Sony Music. “Doctor” marks his debut single as an artist. JonTheProducer worked on Venezuelan duo Mau y Ricky’s hits and they return the favor. With Dominican-American pop star Prince Royce and Colombian group Piso 21, the guys commiserate over the heartache that’s got them hot and bothered. Like in his past hits, JonTheProducer turns this collaboration into an alluring and addictive track.

The “Doctor” music video plays out like a rom-com.

In the “Doctor” music video, JonTheProducer flips the script of the romantic comedy scenario. While women are usually featured in the movies getting over heartbreak with ice cream in bed, bubble baths, and spa sessions, it’s the guys that are indulging in all that here. Mau y Ricky, Prince Royce, and the Piso 21 members join JonTheProducer for the self-care activities.

Mau y Ricky recently signed on for a reality TV show that will follow their family life. They guys will star in the series with their father, Ricardo Montaner, sister, Evaluna Montaner, and Camilo, their brother-in-law.

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Enter Thalía’s ‘desAMORfosis’ Album: Our Top 5 Songs


Enter Thalía’s ‘desAMORfosis’ Album: Our Top 5 Songs


Mexican pop icon Thalía is back with her new album desAMORfosis. For most of the 14-track LP, she goes it alone with only a few guest spots. Rising Puerto Rican star Myke Towers, Dominican hit-maker Maffio, and Mexican group Banda MS de Sergio Lizárraga are among the featured acts.

desAMORfosis is Thalía’s first album after celebrating 30 years of her solo career.

desAMORfosis is Thalía’s 17th album in her storied career. In October 2020, the former Timibirche member celebrated 30 years of her solo career. In January of last year is when she kicked off the desAMORfosis era. Thalía dropped the first single “Ya Tú Me Conoces” with Venezuelan brothers Mau y Ricky. A fun fact is that Ricky Montaner co-wrote her 2014 hit “Por Lo Que Reste de Vida.”

Thalía considers desAMORfosis to a musical universe. Now that the album has landed, Latido Music is here with five of our favorite songs.


“Mojito” is the newest single from the album. In the slinky bop, Thalía compares her lover’s kiss to the refreshing beverage. With the summer season coming up, this one hits the spot. She premiered the music video this week on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

“La Luz”

Thalía released “La Luz” as the second single from desAMORfosis in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. She breaks the dawn with Myke Towers and the two are a dream team. This one is it! As more people are getting vaccinated and clubs are reopening, hopefully this alluring banger gets to have its shine on the dance floors.

“Tick Tock”

Last year, Thalía starred in her Facebook Watch series Latin Music Queens. The show documented her making the song “Tick Tock” with her co-stars, Sofía Reyes and Farina. The final product was well worth the wait. Thalía has always been a proponent for all-women collaborations in Latin music. The trio serves girl power with a side of sass in this knockout collaboration.


In “Secreto,” Thalía teams up with Puerto Rican singer Jhay Cortez. The reggaeton visionary proves to be her perfect complement as they harmonize about a forbidden romance. Thalía turns up the heat with this hot-and-heavy pop romp.


If María La Del Barrio was revisited in 2021, “Barrio” would be the theme song. Thalía has a salsa music moment here and she sounds like she’s getting life. Go off, Thalía! She wrote the song with Jeffrey “Trooko” Peñalva, who also produced it. “Barrio” is bustling and this is Thalía’s anthem for dancing in the streets.

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Natti Natasha Reveals Her Baby’s Name During Mother’s Day Concert


Natti Natasha Reveals Her Baby’s Name During Mother’s Day Concert


Natti Natasha continues to let her fans in on her pregnancy journey. During her Mother’s Day live-stream concert, the Dominican reggaetonera announced the name she has for her baby on the way.

In honor of Mother’s Day, Natti Natasha hosted a live-stream concert.

The mother-to-be hosted a special live-stream concert on Facebook Live last night. Natasha performed her biggest hits as the set around her changing seasons. In the fall setting, she sang her empowering ballad “La Mejor Versión de Mi” and “Antes Que Salga El Sol” sans Prince Royce.

In the summer setting, Natasha performed “Oh Daddy,” her tropical take on Chicano singer Ritchie Valens’ “Donna,” and her breakthrough hit “Dutty Love.” During the fall set-up, Natti sang “No Me Acuerdo” sans Thalía and a version of “Sin Pijama” without Becky G.

Natti Natasha also revealed her baby girl’s name while premiering a new song.

Natasha also premiered a new song live. She performed the song “Princesa” as a tribute to her daughter, Vida Isabelle. The touching performance was part of the set’s winter season. This will be her first child with Pina Records owner Raphy Pina.

Fellow Dominicano Romeo Santos wrote “Princessa” for Natti.

Aventura’s Romeo Santos wrote “Princesa” for Natasha. In his own post, he expressed his appreciation to all the mothers, including Natti.

“Thank you to Natti Natasha for singing a song that was born to me solely for her voice,” Santos wrote on Twitter. “You will be a spectacular mother and I already baptized the girl as ‘La Bebe Bachatera.'”

If Natti’s baby decides to go in show biz later on, mom will be behind her.

While promoting her new single “Ram Pam Pam” with Becky G last month, Natasha talked with mitú about her excitement over her pregnancy. If her baby wants to an artist in the future, Natti has no problem with that.

“I would let her,” Natasha said. “She can do whatever she wants. I did it anyways even if my parents didn’t want me to do it at the moment because they didn’t understand. I thank God I went through everything I went through so I could be there for her.”

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