Danna Paola from ‘Élite’ is a Pop Star and Here’s Why You Need to Stan Her Now

Danna Paola is most known as the resident baddie on Netflix’s hit show Élite. After her character Lucrecia graduated from the series, the Mexican actress moved on as well to focus on her music career. According to Billboard on Jan. 27, her latest album K.O. debuted in the top 10 of the Latin Pop Albums chart. With her music on the rise, here are a few reasons why you need to stan Danna Paola, the pop star.

K.O. is her best showing on Billboard in the U.S.

Paola’s career spans more than two decades in television and music. Her past albums were released alongside her projects at the time, but K.O. marks the first time where the 25-year-old is fully dedicated to being the Latina pop princess that she is.

Being invested in her music right now paid off with K.O. debuting at No. 9 on the Latin Pop Albums chart. On that particular chart, it’s her best showing since 2004’s Oceano peaked at No. 13.

Danna can sing her heart out.

In 2014, Paola played the role of Elphaba during Wicked‘s run in Mexico City. She belted songs like “Defying Gravity” in Spanish with ease. Her heartbreaking ballad “Amor Ordinario” reminds us of her vocal power. Paola reaches a breaking point near the end of the song and lets out an incredible whistle register note that’s reminiscent of Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande.

She’s all about girl power.

There’s a girl power moment on the album with the flirty collaboration “Friend de Semana” featuring Spain’s Aitana and Brazil’s Luísa Sonza. In 2020, Paola released a number of all-female collaborations, including the enchanting “Santería” with Spanish singer Lola Indigo and Chile’s Denise Rosenthal.

“As a woman in this industry, I need to work with women because we need to support each other—no one else is going to do that,” she told W Magazine last month.

There’s also a moment for her LGBTQ+ fans on K.O.

During Pride month last year, she released the reggaeton bop “TQ Y Ya.” In the music video, she dances in a front of a rainbow flag with her female dancers.

“That song that was very necessary for me to write because I support 100 percent universal love,” she told W Magazine. “I’m so thankful for the LGBTQ+ community, who have always supported me and been there. Making a song with this message also makes me feel free in life. We’re in this, together, hand-in-hand.”

Paola has a history with the LGBTQ+ community. If you’re going to check out any of her past hits, 2015’s “Agúita” is a must. The electro-pop delight was written by openly lesbian singer Javiera Mena. “That song was like a freedom for me,” she told Remezcla last year. “I met Javiera and she was amazing. We made that song what it is today and I’m really proud of it. That song is my anthem.”

It’s also been called one of Mexico’s gay anthems.

If you’re sold on Danna Paola, the pop star, she will perform in a virtual concert this month. Inspired by K.O., the show is called “Welcome to My Break Up Party” and it will be streamed worldwide on Feb. 13 and on Valentine’s Day.

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Danna Paola, Carla Morrison, and More Latin Music Stars’ Valentine’s Weekend Live-stream Concerts


Danna Paola, Carla Morrison, and More Latin Music Stars’ Valentine’s Weekend Live-stream Concerts


Today’s Latin music superstars have your Valentine’s weekend covered. To encourage people to stay home while we’re in this COVID-19 pandemic, artists like Danna Paola, Carla Morrison, and Kany García are hosting live-stream concerts.

Danna Paola’s Welcome to My Break Up Party concert

Fresh off breaking through the top 10 of Billboard‘s Latin Pop Albums chart, Danna Paola will be performing music from her new K.O. album in a live-stream concert. Inspired by the album’s message of knocking out the heartache, the Mexican pop princess titled her show: Welcome to My Break Up Party. Expect the Élite star to slip in some of her classics too. Fingers crossed for “Agüita,” one of Mexico’s gay anthems.

“We’re putting together a really special show,” Paola told W Magazine last month. “I don’t want a concert with just a stage and singing and that’s it. I want to make it an experience for my fans.”

Welcome to My Break Up Party will be streaming worldwide on Feb. 13 and Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14. Fans can buy their tickets now at Streamtime.

Kany García en concierto acústico

Multiple Latin Grammy-winner and current Grammy nominee Kany García is putting on a special acoustic live-stream concert for her fans. At this year’s Grammy Awards, the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter is up for Best Latin Pop or Urban Album for last year’s Mesa Para Dos, her duets album. There’s plenty of love songs on the LP, including the stunning standout “Lo Que En Ti Veo” with Argentine musician Nahuel Pennisi.

For our LGBTQ+ family, García is a part of the community too. She sings “Lo Que En Ti Veo” to her partner, Jocelyn Troche, in the beautiful music video. Move quickly for her acoustic concert as it will only be streaming on Feb. 13. Fans can buy their tickets now at LivePass.  

Carla Morrison live-stream concert

Like García, Morrison is a multiple Latin Grammy-winner and past Grammy nominee. The Mexican alternative music icon will be putting on a one night only event on Valentine’s Day. She will be singing her hits in a live-stream concert from The Paramount in L.A. We can never have enough of the Amor Supremo album, especially live.

Morrison recently teamed up with Puerto Rican superstar Ricky Martin on the song “Recuerdo” for his Pausa EP. Fans can buy their tickets for her special live-stream concert here.

Read: Danna Paola from ‘Élite’ is a Pop Star and Here’s Why You Need to Stan Her Now

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RBD Is Back With A New Single And This Is Not A Drill


RBD Is Back With A New Single And This Is Not A Drill

RBD Oficial / YouTube

RBD is as much a part of our childhoods as flan and arroz con leche. They made our childhood great and their break up was devastating. Thankfully, those dark days are behind us and RBD is finally back to give us new music.

RBD is back, baby!

After years of silence and heartbroken fans, RBD is finally back with new music. “Siempre He Estado Aquí” is the first piece of new music from the Mexican pop band in years. The band announced their final tour in 2008 and since then fans have been able to follow individual band members through their careers.

RBD’s fandom was activated as soon as the single was released.

Hearing their voices just speaks to our souls. We spent years living on the music that was left behind from their time together and there was no hope of new music in sight. That’s what makes this single a wonderful gift during an atrocious year.

It has been 12 years since we got to hear the band perform. We didn’t even need new music, it would have just been great to see the band get back together. Tbh, the new music is an incredible moment in 2020 given everything that has happened this year.

It isn’t the full RBD group, but we have to be happy with what we have.

Anahí, Christopher von Uckermann, Maite Perroni, Christian Chávez, Alfonso Herrera, and Dulce María made up the original band. The new single might not be the full band but it is enough to give us every ounce of nostalgic emotions anyone can feel. How can you not be transported back to your childhood when hearing these voices of angels?

In conclusion, go listen to “Siempre He Estado Aquí” because it will renew your love of RBD.

With only four of the original members, “Siempre He Estado Aquí” is still all of the RBD power you expect to hear. It is a song you will instantly fall in love with because it will speak right to your heart.

You can check out the full song below!

What a wonderful day to be a RBD fan, huh?

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