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Christmas may only be a few days away, but this year there won’t be as many parties and get-togethers as there were in years past. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t have some fun and dress up for just your closest family members (Or, hey! Just yourself if that’s the case).

Lucky for us, there are tons of beauty gurus on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok who are generous enough to share their creative makeup ideas with their legions of followers. One such beauty guru is Peruvian-based makeup artist Nicolle Chang.

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Chang gifted her 226.1K TikTok followers with some incredible Navidad makeup looks. Some are crazy and over-the-top (like the jaw-dropping Grinch look) and some are beautiful and super-wearable.

Take a look below to see these amazing Christmas makeup TikTok tutorials by this Latina influencer!

Pretty Elf

This one is pure fun. If you’re planning on being around any young children this year, why not add some magic to your family time and make yourself into an elf? Not only will you entertain the kids in your life, but you can also take a million Instagram-worthy selfies. Find all the products that Chang used here.

Sexy Santa

Not every Santa has to be an old bearded dude. Chang did her own twist on Santa Claus with a creative red and green eye look and a bright red lip. And of course, there’s some glitter. The look wouldn’t be complete without glitter, after all. Find all the products that Chang used here.

Downright Adorable Reindeer


Tutorial de maquillaje de Rodolfo el Reno 😍 #parati #fyp #destacame #xyzbca

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Here’s another makeup look that would go over great with the kids in your life. And if you want to be super creative, you can convince your other family members to try out the other makeup looks as well. Who wouldn’t like to see Santa, an elf, and a reindeer sitting around the Christmas dinner table? Find all the products that Chang used here.

Peppermint Princess

Here’s a creative one that will be sure to turn heads around the holidays! According to Chang, this red and white striped look was inspired by all the candy canes she had lying around her house. Finish off the look by getting crafty and making your very own candy cane crown! Find all the products that Chang used here.

Senorita Grinch

If you really want to be the talk of your family get together this year (and for years to come), why not commit to a full-on Christmas transformation? And what’s more transformative than literally painting your entire face green and dressing up as the Grinch? Find all the products that Chang used here.

The Wearable Holiday Look

Look, some people don’t necessarily want to paint their entire faces like the Grinch on Christmas Day. So Chang created a super wearable and versatile holiday makeup look. Complete with a warm smokey eye, soft glitter accents, and a deep wine lip. Find all the products that Chang used here.

Snow Glam

If you’re sick of red, green and gold Christmas makeup, try this blue and white frosty look. This look is also super wearable for those of us who aren’t necessarily interested in turning ourselves into a Christmas character anytime soon. Find all the products that Chang used here.