This Latina TikTok Beauty Guru Shared Some Incredible Christmas Makeup Tutorials With Her Followers

Photos: nicollechangc/Instagram

Christmas may only be a few days away, but this year there won’t be as many parties and get-togethers as there were in years past. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t have some fun and dress up for just your closest family members (Or, hey! Just yourself if that’s the case).

Lucky for us, there are tons of beauty gurus on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok who are generous enough to share their creative makeup ideas with their legions of followers. One such beauty guru is Peruvian-based makeup artist Nicolle Chang.

Chang gifted her 226.1K TikTok followers with some incredible Navidad makeup looks. Some are crazy and over-the-top (like the jaw-dropping Grinch look) and some are beautiful and super-wearable.

Take a look below to see these amazing Christmas makeup TikTok tutorials by this Latina influencer!

Pretty Elf

This one is pure fun. If you’re planning on being around any young children this year, why not add some magic to your family time and make yourself into an elf? Not only will you entertain the kids in your life, but you can also take a million Instagram-worthy selfies. Find all the products that Chang used here.

Sexy Santa

Not every Santa has to be an old bearded dude. Chang did her own twist on Santa Claus with a creative red and green eye look and a bright red lip. And of course, there’s some glitter. The look wouldn’t be complete without glitter, after all. Find all the products that Chang used here.

Downright Adorable Reindeer


Tutorial de maquillaje de Rodolfo el Reno 😍 #parati #fyp #destacame #xyzbca

♬ original sound – Sianan

Here’s another makeup look that would go over great with the kids in your life. And if you want to be super creative, you can convince your other family members to try out the other makeup looks as well. Who wouldn’t like to see Santa, an elf, and a reindeer sitting around the Christmas dinner table? Find all the products that Chang used here.

Peppermint Princess

Here’s a creative one that will be sure to turn heads around the holidays! According to Chang, this red and white striped look was inspired by all the candy canes she had lying around her house. Finish off the look by getting crafty and making your very own candy cane crown! Find all the products that Chang used here.

Senorita Grinch

If you really want to be the talk of your family get together this year (and for years to come), why not commit to a full-on Christmas transformation? And what’s more transformative than literally painting your entire face green and dressing up as the Grinch? Find all the products that Chang used here.

The Wearable Holiday Look

Look, some people don’t necessarily want to paint their entire faces like the Grinch on Christmas Day. So Chang created a super wearable and versatile holiday makeup look. Complete with a warm smokey eye, soft glitter accents, and a deep wine lip. Find all the products that Chang used here.

Snow Glam

If you’re sick of red, green and gold Christmas makeup, try this blue and white frosty look. This look is also super wearable for those of us who aren’t necessarily interested in turning ourselves into a Christmas character anytime soon. Find all the products that Chang used here.

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These Nuns Have Become TikTok Sensations Because of Their Hilarious Videos


These Nuns Have Become TikTok Sensations Because of Their Hilarious Videos

Screenshot via daughtersofstpaul/TikTok

When you normally think of a Catholic nun, images probably come to mind of a stern and serious older woman who is quick to scold. But this group of nuns on TikTok go against every one of those stereotypes.

The Daughters of Saint Paul has recently become a TikTok sensation because of their hilarious and playful viral videos.

The Boston-based convent has racked up almost 56k followers from just a handful of videos that they’ve posted to the popular social media platform. The sisters have only posted three videos, but they’ve already gotten over 965.k likes and 6 million views.

The sisters have posted videos of themselves dressed up as ghosts while wandering around the convent grounds, what they’ve dubbed the “Holy Ghost photo shoot”.


When temptation strikes. ⚡️ #IsThisAvailable #Catholic #MediaNuns @srbethanyfsp @pursuedbytruth

♬ original sound – Lubalin

There is another surprisingly funny video of themselves recreating the internal struggle of resisting Satan. The video is captioned “Thinking about giving into temptation” and set to the TikTok favorite song “Is This Available”. More than anything, its the committed performances of the two nuns that elevate the video to hilarious levels.

And of course, the Daughters of Saint Paul also posted the “This or That challenge” set to the ’80s Run DMC classic “It’s Tricky”. In this one, a group of the nuns split off into different groups based on what they prefer. The categories are super specific: “Morning prayer” is pitted against “Evening prayer” and “rosary” is pitted against “divine mercy chaplet.”

The sisters seem to have struck a chord with viewers because the videos are wholesome, lighthearted, but most of all, unexpected.


When temptation strikes. ⚡️ #IsThisAvailable #Catholic #MediaNuns @srbethanyfsp @pursuedbytruth

♬ original sound – Lubalin

The joy and playfulness of the Daughters of Saint Paul have made them bonafide celebrities of the TikTok world. Their comment section abounds with praise like “This is EVERYTHING–y’all are the best,” and “This is so wholesome I love it here.”

Commenters also refer to their account as “NunTok”. There are also people asking for the nuns to pray for specific issues in their lives–like conceiving a baby or passing a test. It truly is one of the oddest corners of the internet.

The account appears to be run by Sister Bethany, a young media-savvy nun who has her own popular TikTok page.


I can’t stop laughing at this! (Vid was taken pre-covid) #fyp #Catholic #RareAesthetic

♬ Teach Me How To Dougie – Classics Reborn

In one informative TikTok, Sister Bethany explains why this particular convent of nuns is so present on social media, saying that they are “media nuns” and they use their talents to create content for their faith. But they also have guidelines about what they post.

“We the sisters are always asking ourselves, ‘Is this a good use of time?’ ‘Am I putting out things that are good, true, and beautiful?’,” said Sister Bethany. “And those are things we can all ask ourselves. And those are the ways we moderate our social media use.” No matter your beliefs, that’s definitely some great advice!

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This Father Son TikTok Duo Are Going Viral For Their Spot On Impersonations That Are A Must Watch


This Father Son TikTok Duo Are Going Viral For Their Spot On Impersonations That Are A Must Watch

Enkyboys / Instagram

People are looking to TikTok for pretty much everything these days. And for good reason, you can really find just about anything on the platform. From vegan cooking hacks and DIY crunch wrap videos to fashion trends and dance challenges, TikTok has become a hub for all sorts of incredible content.

Now, it’s also home to these incredible videos from a father son duo that are going viral for their incredible impersonation capabilities. The queens on RuPaul’s Drag Race better watch out, because five-year-old Brice has some serious lip-syncing skills.

A father and son TikTok duo are going viral for their recent impersonations.

Randy Gonzalez and his tiny son Brice go by the enkyboys on TikTok. The account highlights how Gonzalez’s bond with his son is wholesome, fun and transformative. The pair, who are from Texas have amassed a giant social media presence, with more than 7.3 million followers on TikTok and 413,000 on Instagram.

Some of their most popular videos recently have been their lip-syncing of Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan’s character from a scene in Rush Hour 2 and a scene from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air where Brice plays the role of Will Smith. There’s also a video of Randy and Brice lip syncing to Justin Timberlake’s song “Mirrors” as Randy pretends to spank Brice.

But now, their TikTok presence has catapulted them to fame as they get attention from some of the world’s biggest celebrities. Over the weekend, in response to the attack on the Capitol, Brice and his dad Randy recreated the viral “Elizabeth from Knoxville” video – the pro-Trump rioter who was maced in the face after attempting to attack the Capitol.

But it’s this masterpiece right here that has struck gold on the Internet.

After being tweeted at by Ava Duvernay, the video that Brice and his dad Randy did impersonating “Elizabeth from Knoxville” catapulted to the top of the TikTok trending and now has more than 1.2 million likes!

It’s really incredible to watch as five-year-old Brice totally nails the entire mood of that video.

Started making TikTok videos after leaving prison as a way to break stereotypes.

When he launched the TikTok channel, Gonzalez had recently got out of prison and was looking for ways to combat stereotypes –

not just about men who look like him, but those with criminal records. He’s no hardened, scary hustler lurking in the shadows. Gonzalez is funny, vulnerable and loving.

The father told his story in a series of viral clips. When Gonzalez was released from prison he was called a criminal, loser and deadbeat. But he overcame those degrading labels because he loved his children. As a former convict, the dad struggled to get work. That’s when Brice taught him how to use TikTok.

The pair know how to work together for TikTok gold.


Go fast in the hood the cops should understand right?? 😂 #enkyboy #enkyboys

♬ original sound – comedian_bud

The duo have gained the attention of fans and celebrities from all walks of life. In fact, they were recently on Steve Harvey’s Facebook Watch Show Steve on Watch. Harvey especially enjoyed their video where they recreated a scene from the 2012 comedy Think Like a Man.

“I like doing [the videos] because they’re fun and people like me [and] smile,” Brice told Harvey during their interview. “I like being funny. I love TikTok.”

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