If you’re a Black girl living in 2020, it’s likely you know quite a bit about silk and its benefits to your hair. Whether you’re relaxed or natural, when it comes to night time routine using silk to protect your locks can mean all the difference between a bad hair day and a good one. And when it comes to the longterm health of your hair, how you protect it at night can make all the difference. Still, despite these points, the debate as to the most effective method lives on.

To wrap or to pillowcase? That is the question.

After all, while silk wraps and bonnets can keep hair in place and cut down on frizz– it isn’t always the cutest lewk. On the other hand, pillowcases can allow hair to breathe and be more comfortable when it comes to pillow talk but can still create tangles for some.

We dove into some of the most popular hair care forums for women (Reddit, Longhaircommunity, and LipstickAlley ) to find out what everyone prefers and why!

Those in favor of silky pillows.

“I wear a bonnet, but my mom swears by a silk scarf. She says bonnets pull on your edges when you shift in your sleep. Satin pillowcases make me sweat! I hate those things.” – curlyromantic via Reddit

“I used to wear a bonnet but recently switched to a satin pillow case because my bonnet was smooshing my stretched curls and making them shrink again. I’m a big fan of the pillow case, it helps to keep my hair stretched. I can go to sleep with my hair styled and stretch and wake up with it looking mostly the same.” – itsKingLiz2 via Reddit

“Pillow case. I haven´t tried a bonnet but I can´t see how that would ever stay in place during a whole night, at least not without being put on so tight that I would have marks on my forehead for half the day afterward. Also I think I would get too hot, feel “locked in” and get slightly panicky. But as mentioned, I haven´t tried, so I may be completely wrong. I love my silk pillow cases though!” catasa via longhaircommunity.com

Women who do both

“I use both. I feel like if I don’t use the bonnet, I get more frizz. But I like the pillowcase for when the bonnet slips off or rises too high. However I’m still on the hunt for a breathable pillowcase. I wake up with a sticky sweaty back almost every morning in the summer. I do have a spare pillow on the bed with a cotton pillowcase for when I’m too uncomfortable so I can switch.” – cvkriola via Reddit

For those who are all about the wraps

“I wear a satin bonnet because it keeps all my hair in one place, so it’s less messy in the morning. Plus I’m a crazy sleeper so half of the time my pillow isn’t where it should be when I wake up.” –Wowza477 via Reddit

“I personally prefer a silk scarf because i feel it is the most versatile. If i am feeling lazy i can wrap the silk scarf around my pillowcase and it comes in handy for traveling too. I can wrap my hair with the scarf and it acts like a bonnet. When im at the office i like to drape it the back of my chair to prevent damage and in the winter i can use it as a regular scarf to prevent damage from my wool coat. The possibilities are endless with a silk scarf. I purchased mine from AdorabellaBaby on Etsy. Let me know where you purchase your silk goods!” PurpleKitty11 via longhaircommunity

“I found with my hair that I have to cover my hair. I tried both satin and silk pillowcases and sleeping without my headscarf is not the best for my hair. Also silk was fine other than that, but the satin pillow occasionally gave me acne because it held the oils from my hair. I use a silk scarf from Kate Spade its an ugly ass christmas gift, so I dont feel bad about using it on my head.” peekaboo29 via longhaircommunity

“For me, BSS bonnets are only fit for wearing under hats. At night, I either need real silk scarves or a charmeuse bonnet. If I don’t use either, my hair stands a good chance of being crispy in the morning.”- A K A S H A – LipstickAlley