Charge up your fingers and eyeballs, chicas!

The Sailor Moon x ColourPop makeup collection is officially getting restocked which means it’s time to get ready to watch your browsers and have your cards ready to click that “check out” button!

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The Sailor Moon x ColourPop makeup collection is back and it’s ready to help you fight evil by moonlight and win love by daylight.

Anime fans get ready! ColourPop Cosmetics just revealed that they’re relaunching their crossover collection which is based on one of your most beloved childhood anime characters: Sailor Moon! Back in February the big time cosmetics brand launched the full collection all for $89. Unfortunately, the rush to buy in on the limited edition beauty collection left quite a few of us empty-handed, but our chance is back!

The collection for champions of justice includes a stunning eyeshadow palette and more.

According to Colour Pop, Sailor Moon has been one of the brand’s most requested collabs and includes the Pretty Guardian Shadow Palette. The shadow includes their first-ever lenticular printed palette and compacts which they describe as a “gif IRL!”

What’s more, the shadows are named in honor of Sailor Moon and include Tuxedo Rose (for Tuxedo Mask) and Mare Serenitatis. And it all is just for a total of $20.

The Pretty Guardian Palette also includes two lip bundles, two blush compacts, and two glitter gels.

The Sailor Moon x ColourPop Collection Is Finally Getting Restocked
Colour Pop

The duos come at $15 each and feature the brand’s Ultra Glossy lip glosses and Ultra Blotted liquid lipsticks. The Moonlight duo shades included Sailor Moon and Bun Head. The ultra blotted lip kit Daylight comes in shades Moon Tiara and Usagi.

Once again, this ColourPop x Sailor Moon collection is only available on for a limited time!

According to Colour Pop, the highly anticipated Sailor Moon x Colourpop Collection will come back to shelves on June 18th. No doubt, news of its limited-edition status has fans hoping and praying that they’ll have a shot at snagging a pallet or more.

“I really hope this time goes smoother than last! i was literally on the site right on the dot with the blushes in my cart and by the time i got through to checkout they were sold out.” – a user by the name of lennymagarin wrote in the comments section in a post about the new collection.

“My fiancé was going to get me the entire collection when it first came out right before our anniversary. He works 3rd shift and set an alarm to get on the site before it launched (1pm our time) and everything and still missed out. He’s amazing and I told him multiple times that I truly appreciated his effort! My birthday is the 30th and he said he might get it for me so fingers crossed he has better luck this time!!” user xo_caraphernelia exclaimed

These soft and star-studded shades of the Sailor Moon collection will be the perfect look for your spring beauty looks. They’ll also totally up your Instagram game and get you ready to fight for justice and to save the world!