With so much money, time, and dreams being spent it’s no wonder everyone wants their wedding day to be perfect. From the ideal wedding cake and the perfect dance moves to the most romantic send-off, couples getting ready to tie the knot oftentimes want to execute every detail perfectly. So when it comes to going through with the nuptials there’s a lot to learn from others’ experiences.

Fortunately, married couples of Reddit are sharing their experiences.

Check them out below!

“Well, we could have had the wedding in fall 2019, but my wife wanted more time to make sure everything was perfect, so we decided to have it in April 2020.”- ElToberino

“A reception line. I got talked into it, I didn’t want to do it but felt pressured. All I did for 3/4 of my reception was stand and say hello to people it was miserable and took a lot of the fun out of the day.”- emsquad

“Wearing heels. Also letting my sister in law convince me to stay at her house the night before instead of a hotel. I slept on a tiny, uncomfortable futon with my giant future husband, and slept maybe an hour.”- LadyXaviaraH

“Letting the photographer dictate where we should be for the entire night. Going back I would have told him do all the photo poses you want in the first hour then leave us alone. Also would have had someone walk around with us when we said hi to each table to help us get out of drawn out conversations to make it go faster.”-ocean5648

“Letting my Ex-MIL dictate pretty much everything. It stopped being our wedding and became her wedding. And she is crazy.

The whole wedding was no longer focused on my wife and I but my MiL handing my wife off to me. Which is really ironic because after that moment MiL became even more controlling. Some things she did….

  • She had a mommy daughter dance.
  • Made an 30 minute long speech about raising my wife, including playing several inappropriate baby videos.
  • Made a toast to herself
  • Cut the cake with my wife
  • Tossed the bouquet herself
  • Tried to outcast my small family (party of 6) to the corner
  • Departed the wedding in our limo with us
  • This is the weirdest one. The bridal lingerie literally said “mommy’s girl”.

The wedding was ruined for me. The worst part? It set a precedent that my MiL can do whatever she wanted in our relationship and my wife would always choose her side. This eventually caused a split after MiL spanked the hell out of my daughter and my wife took her side.”- Reddit User

“Letting my Ex-MIL dictate pretty much everything. It stopped being our wedding and became her wedding. And she is crazy.

This was the biggest thing my mom did for my sister, was she said “I will give you only 1 piece of unsolicited advice. The rest will only come when you specifically request it. That advice is, do NOT listen to Grandma AT ALL. She dictated my wedding and I hated most of what she chose.”.

And sure enough, Grandma started trying to insist things. My sister and her fiancé wanted it in Colorado for the mountains, Grandma INSISTED it had to be in the hometown. She wanted it to be a nondenominational service with an absolute minimum of prayers, Grandma wanted to try and get the highest ranking Catholic they could hire to turn it into a massive religious event. On and on and on.

Eventually Grandma pulled her ultimate trump card and declared “Enough! If you’re not going to heed my advice then grandpa and I will not be attending!”. To which my sister said “Well, it makes me unhappy that YOU are making that decision, but that is your decision to make. We have a photographer on hire, so you’ll be able to enjoy the video and pictures another time.”.

After a week Grandma realized the idea of her not attending the wedding wasn’t putting my sister in a fit of depression, so she gave up and showed up.”- Mazon_Del

“My husband and I went off alone to be married in the woods. No regrets on that, but I regret not going further off-trail for the actual vow exchange. A lady on horseback yelled at me that the ‘white thing on your head is scaring my horse.’”- WithEyesWideOpen

“I should have made my wife eat her meal. We sat at the table alone and chatted while everyone else was eating and she said she wasn’t very hungry after eating like 1/4 of her plate.

Turns out that half hour was the only 30 minutes of the day she wasn’t hungry. I finally went downstairs and got her a plate of hors d’oeuvres after her trying to politely sneak down for two hours.

They spirited her food away some point after dinner and she still regrets not getting to eat the great food we picked out.”- lcdrambrose

“In all honesty, I regret dancing so much. We danced so much, we forgot to go around to individually thank everyone for coming. They all came to us on the dance floor to say hello. 10/10 still dancing.”- CrusaderOfTruth

“I was a guest at a wedding where the bride and groom were glued to the dance floor, and I was so happy they were having fun and enjoying their day! Weddings are so often about what you’re “supposed” to do, when really it should be your day to celebrate as you see fit!”- kitty_n

“Getting separated from my wife while at the wedding. She went to the bathroom and then got swarmed by friends and family and she disappeared what seemed like hours. Also, in general getting pulled away from eachother. When I would get a drink or talk to someone. The reason I regret it, is because my wife looked so absolutely stunning that day and I just wanted to look at her the entire time. My wife is still hot but something about that dress.”- Ezzy17

“I can blame Reddit for this one. Instead of individual party favors we made a donation to a local animal rescue organization, and they then brought a “puppy party” (2 puppies, already adopted) to the reception. I mentioned this on a wedding sub and people mobbed me about it. So I took all sorts of extra precautions about where they would be, told the photographer not to take any photos to discourage them being treated as props, etc. Mostly they were good steps but I went overboard and I wish more people could’ve enjoyed their adorable-ness and raised awareness of the org.”- rhetoricetc

“Getting a shitty photographer my mom recommended (someone from her church). As we’re taking pre-wedding pictures (part of the wedding picture package), I asked him during one of the breaks what got him into photography. He answered ‘

“My husband and I got married young and it’s hard to see all of my peers getting married now with these amazing pictures. I think we are going to get a professional photographer to recreate some pictures in the future.”- fuzzyshadow28

“I went to a friend’s wedding and she had a beautiful bright orange fondant covered cake.
They had discussed the cake smash thing beforehand, and decided not to do it.
His brothers goaded him into it. The dye in the fondant stained her face, and also got all over her dress. She spent an hour in the bathroom crying while we all ran around trying to find a Tide pen or something to help her fix her dress, and rummaged through our bags for makeup to fix her up.
I felt so bad for her.

Side note, they were also the kind of couple that did no more than closed-mouth kissing before their wedding, but about a week later it came to light the groom had gone camping “with the guys” and screwed some random girl while drinking. Then THAT revelation exposed the mom, who had been having a 30-year long affair with her husband’s best friend and one of the adult kids turned out to be the best friend’s.
It was a wild ride to sit back and watch.”- Penguinpuffles