Motherland. Home.

Similar to what the singer Camila Cabello once sang, regardless of a person’s present country of residence and citizenship when you leave the place you were born or raised, there’s no doubt you leave at least part of your heart there.

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With so many of our readers coming from different countries around the world, we were curious about what they love and miss the most about their motherland.

For Hispanic Heritage Month, we posed the prompt below!

We gathered answers from our Instagram post and Reddit and boy will the responses make you want to head on an adventure soon!

“Las mujeres guerreras y pencona en Nicaragua. Nicaraguan women are definitely a force not to be reckoned with.” –sisepuede26

“In the United States, our founders constructed a system of government, in which anyone, regardless of age, color, creed, sexual orientation, or religion, are able to succeed! Unlike many other countries, Americans are not economically determinant; my parents and grandparents all immigrated here, from Cuba, in the early 60’s, each generation has held a significantly higher standard of living than the last! I love this country!”- willalonso

“In Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 it’s the people. We are resilient, we take care of one another, we support one another.” –mindfullylivingdoc

“El pan y el vino!”- camilabelen2

The determination & dedication.”- honeybunnyxbeauty

I’m proud of the fact that Aguascalientes, Ags., MX is geographically the center of Mexico (there’s a physical marker) and that it’s the state where José Guadalupe Posada (creator of La Catarina) was born. The music and the beauty of our indigenous people.” –mayestrah

“The food and music.”- 2010carolina

“La cultura.” –cyn.deer

“Kindness and echados pa’ adelante!!!”- mauboytowers

“The food, the weather, the geography, the beaches, the mountains, the night song, the festivities. Venezuela is paradise.” –charisdo

“The food!”- euphoria_petrichor

“Brazil. Travelling tends to be cheaper, and the same goes for food and staying in hotels. The majority of the people here are very friendly and are very open. This makes making friends a lot easier, and I feel like I’d much rather spend time with a regular Latino than a regular American/European (nothing personal). Latinos have this enthusiasm that you can’t find anywhere else. The language is also a big plus. Traveling inside latam is very easy for Brazilians because we can speak portuñol and most people will understand. We don’t have to ignore locals and avoid talking with them, because our language is so similar that we can understand each other easily if we speak slowly. Last but not least: I can make fun of the Americans that use the word “Latinxs” on twitter.”- LastCommander086

“Fresh food!” –romyna_ca

“I have never been to my motherland. So all I have to go off of are pictures. But definitely the beauty of the rainforest and the beaches.” –muchomuncho

“Idk, never grew up in my country.” –yuritsivalencia

“Galápagos Islands.” –yvonnecarrascochalme

“Su gente !!!”-chatibaby

“Argentina. Idk what to choose about Latin America as a whole because it’s hard to choose something that goes from Brazil to Haiti. The only thing I can think about is that traveling is great; we have open borders and generally great relations, we welcomed a lot of immigrants and our laws aren’t mostly restrictive in that way, were able to travel 8.000km from home and still understand what people mean. I think language is a blessing, buuuut i doubt it would be that easy in Haiti to understand what people say.”-vvokertc

“politeness with sass and delicious food.”-rossynena

“los volcanes.” –shirleyvillatoro

“The resilience.” –anomalymoe

“La playa y el “webeo” (parties).” –lisa.sarah.c.f

“Others may have tortillas, but none are fresher or tastier than ours.”-qquestionq

“We share a lot in common with our neighbors so its hard to find one specific thing that sets us apart. Despite all the social problems and violence it is really an amazing country with mostly great people and beautiful landscapes. I think only Chile has a higher percentage of mountainous terrain than us.”- habshabshabs

“Brazil is large enough to have plenty of differences from region to region (it’s virtually the same population, area and GDP of Hispanic South America). São Paulo state (45kk) would be the second largest country by population of South America, ahead of Argentina (44kk) and behind Colombia (49kk). I’ll give you my view about the city I live in (São José dos Campos). It’s one of the best cities in SP so it’s not the same everywhere. It’s a medium sized city (700k habitants), there is no traffic problem like São Paulo city. There are a plenty of jobs and if you want to you will find a job, although sometimes it’s a low skilled job that pays the minimum wage for a lot of work. The whole state is ruled by only one drug cartel called PCC. There is no drug war between cartels here, I never saw a shooting between two sides. I heard shots 3x in my life, the first one was when a police killed a robber, the second one when a car passed through my street and shooted at my neighbor’s house due some fight they had, and the last one when someone executed another guy with 7 shots. Feelings about personal safety are low, most of houses are designed in a way no one can jump through the front wall, it’s getting popular for the residents of a street getting together to install cameras at the street, people avoid to walk alone late night. Education is okay. There are plenty of opportunities for poor people here, some technical high schools backed by industry, by commerce, and some high level schools and “course for ENEM” backed by charity. ENEM is the main exam for university access here in Brazil. Health system is okay as well, everyone can access it for “free” and get most of medicines for “free”. Medical plans aren’t that expensive until you get old. There are a few small favelas, around 1% of São José dos Campos’ residents live in a favela.”- rdfporcazzo

“In Chile…The country somehow works you can buy a car, rent a house, vote, have an education, have a relatively healthy life.”-Superfan234

“Puerto Rico. The history about my family and my country, my culture,my ppl because when I go to visit the states and I heard hispanics talking on spanish it’s make me feel in home. From others part of the world listening to some puertorican artist but the fact that they didn’t speak spanish and they like them it’s gave me goosebumps sometimes. Also the food because in others places that isn’t from Latam,the food doesn’t taste the same.”-Anonymous6105

“Argentina. Latin america we like it or not has a really rich and varied culture, I personally feel proud of my country’s general humbleness and relative appreciation of immigrants (I’m a 2nd gen immigrant from Paraguay), I am thinking of leaving if things get worse, and if I’m able to do it. But that doesn’t make me less proud, just dissapointed in the goverment.”-Jahonh007