Some might have a heartbreaking start to their new lives but there’s no doubt a newborn in New Jersey was given a chance at a good life by their mother. The newborn was dropped off by their 14-year-old mother after she entered a New Jersey restaurant and surrendered her infant to a customer.

Customer Alease Scott said she was at El Patron, a Mexican restaurant in Jersey City, on Wednesday when she was approached by the teenager.

Scott, who fortunately had CPR training and experience at a preschool, asked the teen if she could check on the newborn. Examining the teen’s infant, Scott was able to check her vitals and found that she still had her umbilical cord attached. She then asked for someone to contact 911.

“I’m so happy that it wasn’t somebody else, that that baby was in good hands,” Scott explained in a post shared to Facebook.

The restaurant’s surveillance video shows the teen mother approaching the counter on Wednesday.

“This lady comes in looking very desperate, holding a brand newborn child, you can even tell,” Frankie Aguilar the owner of the restaurant, told WNBC in an interview.“ She comes in, she looks at me in the eye, I look at her and she has these eyes of terror and despair.”

By the time emergency responders arrived at the scene, the 14-year-old had left. Fortunately, the first responders were able to help the baby and gave her oxygen. According to the Miami Herald, “Officials later tracked down the teen, who reportedly won’t face charges. Both she and her daughter were taken to the hospital and are doing well.”