Hacks have long been a thrifty person’s essential tool. When it comes to makeup hacks aren’t any less essential. Of course, there are key hacks that everyone knows from using vaseline to take off makeup and moisturize to implementing Vicks Vaporub into a daily makeup routine, we often think we know it all!

Makeup addicts of Reddit are proving us wrong!

From using a blowdryer for the perfect mascara application to finding the perfect coverup, Reddit users are sharing them all!

Check them out below!

“I cleaned off the wand from an old, used-up mascara and use it as a cheap spoolie. After I put on mascara, I use the spoolie to de-clump my lashes. Then without washing it, I use it to brush through my eyebrows. The tiny bit of product picked up by the spoolie darkens my light brows and seems to keep them in place nicely.” –emmarose1019

“I just steal my mascara wands from Sephora.”- Misster

“Blast your eyelash curler with your blow dryer for a few seconds. A warm eyelash curler works much better than a cold one.”- Bravotess

“And while you have the blowdryer out… If you have well primed and set shadow, blast your lashes from underneath with a cool shot of air to lock your mascara into place while your lashes are freshly styled.

I have stubbornly straight lashes and I find starting with a heated curler and ending with a shot of cool locks the curl in until I remove my eye makeup.”- TheSoftFox

“Concealer. I’m way on the pale side with dark under-eye circles, some unattractive blues and purples there. I’ve noticed that if you just put a pale concealer on top, it just turns the blue/purple into a slightly lighter shade of blue/purple, with the color still shining through. I have Stila’s primer pot in taffy, which is orangey and darker than my skintone. I put that on my undereyes BEFORE my concealer, fighting darkness with more darkness, letting the orange cancel out the blue. And THEN I put on my pale concealer. It’s nice, dude.”- ahoyevelyn

“Preach. I have the same problem. I learned long ago to correct then conceal for my purple-y dark circles, but finding a reasonably priced and long-lasting orange concealer seemed impossible. Until I discovered Skin Food’s dark circle concealer. I’m convinced it’s witchcraft. Long-lasting, doesn’t crease, great pigmentation, tons of product, and cheap. Witchcraft, I say!”- TheBeautifulLife

“THIS. I have permanent heroin-chic face, plus monster puffy bags. My go-to combo is NYX’s eyeshadow base in nude over the eyelid and the darkest spots, and then Benefit’s Fake Up in light. Sometimes I even toss on another even lighter concealer over top, cuz…transparent girl problems.

Anyone considering this, I really suggest checking out NYX’s eyeshadow base in Nude. SO cheap. And I actually never have crease issues, as long as I make sure to blend well!”- Gookina

“I have a beautiful coral eyeshadow that is sadly not very pigmented. However, it’s perfect for dabbing on over concealer, under foundation. Kinda cancels out the purple blue (mine are a little green cause I’m really warm toned).”-MidgeMuffin

“Neutrals.  Neutrals everywhere

  • Using a dark eyeshadow and liner brush in place of eye-liner
  • A pretty popular one I’ve seen and tried is using clear mascara in place of brow gel
  • Using a spoon handle at the outer corner of the eye as a sort of “ruler” for creating a straight cat-eye like this vlogger. Tried it this past Halloween and must say, it worked pretty well! I only used the spoon handle though, not the curved part like she does.”-lanalg5

“E.L.F. makes an eyeshadow primer that has clear liquid liner on the other end. You can turn any eyeshadow into liquid liner and it works really well for me.”-elsha007

“Olive, combination skin, still can’t figure out my undertones

It’s not a life hack so much as a product I never see anyone mention on here. Cold cream.

Pond’s cold cream will always be the best makeup remover of all time. It takes off foundation, waterproof mascara, OCC lip tars, even theater and special effects grade makeup with no effort. It moisturizes your skin like no other without making it oily. Best part? A 12 ounce jar, which lasts me a year, costs $8. It is extremely underrated here, I think.”- Absinthe42

“1. I use a tiny coarse lip brush to press a matte black eyeshadow into my lash line to fill in sparse eyelashes. It’s pretty natural looking. After that, I do the wing. 2. I cut the back ends off my brushes because my vision is bad and I have to keep my makeup mirror close to my face. 3. my Tarte 360 eyeshadow primer holds EVERYTHING in place. I use it for eyebrows, and concealer if necessary.”-usagicanada

“Brow perfectionist. omg! when i got my first set of real brushes (not shitty cheap travel sized ones) i kept hitting the mirror with the back end. I too am blind and have to lean close to the mirror, plus the brushes were so much bigger than my old ones. It was slightly embarrassing to be squealing about my brushes to my boyfriend, then banging my new prized possessions against the mirror.”- srslywatstheinternet

“I use a tiny coarse lip brush to press a matte black eyeshadow into my lash line to fill in sparse eyelashes.

I… I can’t believe this never occurred to me – I always end up with what looks like an annoying gap between my eyeliner and base of my lashes!

…brb, buying matte-black eyeshadow.”-unAdvice 

“I’m super near sighted and am currently unable to wear contacts due to doctors orders. I’ve been at my wits end when doing my make up because I can do my right eye okay but have to move back farther for the left and it always ends up an uneven mess. Cutting the ends off is a genius idea. You just saved me so much frustration.”-friednonsense 

“I liked to dab the tiniest amount of gold (soft shimmer, not glitter) eyeshadow across the middle of my lower lip. It highlights in a way to make your lips look larger, and with the lipsticks I use it matches really well.”-_nagem_

“I have a shimmery white eyeliner stick (I have heaps, cheap from eBay) and I use it on my Cupid’s bow & lower lip (amongst other highlighted areas!), I am alabaster/linen for reference.”- tracesoflace

“When I’m feeling lazy I use an eyeliner pencil dipped in gel liner instead of a brush. It won’t give me that precise wing, but it will give me the staying power of the gel liner.

It also works great for the waterline. I think I first saw this tip from Makeup Geek and have been doing it ever since!”-alvarado523

“This! I have stopped using my BB creams entirely. I use the AM Cerave instead of Cetaphil. So it’s a moisturizer, foundation and sunscreen all in one. And it matches my skin tone better than any BB cream I’ve tried. Love love love this hack.”- DaisyLayz

“This is sort of weird, but I work in a laboratory and have found that Kimwipes (basically like single-ply tissues used for a variety of lab tasks) make the best oil/lipstick/whatever blotting sheets. I work 10 hour shifts and my face used to be so oily by the end; now I take a couple Kimwipes into the restroom at about the 7-hour mark, blot, and I’m good to go. They don’t mess up my concealer or eye makeup or anything either, and they’re great for blotting lipstick. You can get them on Amazon for like $5 for a box of 280 sheets, which makes them a pretty good bargain compared to other blotting sheets or peeling apart 2-ply tissues.” –ativanity

“I learned from gossmakeupchat (a makeup artist with a Youtube channel who’s first name might be Wayne? Not sure) that almost every mascara wand you use straight from the tube will be covered in WAY too much product. He suggests you wipe off the wand with a paper towel before applying it to your lashes.

Yes, it is wasteful, but it makes such a difference! I had noticed before that newer mascaras seemed to clump compared to older ones because the older ones (while sure, their consistency changed slightly) they still had less product on the wand.

I’m also convinced that is why Clump Crusher is so beloved. The design of the wand makes it’s pretty impossible to have the same about of product on the wand that say Better Than Sex by Too Faced has even it’s massive spooly.”- CeeCee221b

“For a no makeup look eyeshadow, apply cream highlighter on lid with contour on your crease.”- pcosgirl