We all know that the choice to keep hair or remove it is our own. BUT in the time of quarantine, many of us out here are becoming more and more aware that our options on removal have become extremely limited. Long gone are the days of booking and rescheduling our European Wax Center appts. Goodbye, for now, threading lady!

As salons remain indefinitely shut down, those of us who have long subscribed to a regular professional threading and waxing regimen are left to wonder how to deal. And you better believe the Latinas and WOC of color on Twitter have thoughts on the matter. Check them out below!

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So many chicas are feeling nostalgia for the pain of a good wax.

We never thought we’d miss it, but here we are DREAMing of the day we get that wax burn.

Mostly because we never thought we’d miss it so bad.

Bikini waxes, the wax lady… I’ll never reschedule an appointment again.

Because truth be told it’s not just our tweezers that have their work cut out for them.

Thank you for your service.

Some of us are resorting to the unbelievable.

Desperate times y’all…

But you better believe when the quarantine is over we’ll be balling out on grooming.


Of course, there is an upside to every sad story.

Some of us are living for the regrowth of the brows we messed up in the early 2000s.

And its one of those moments of just being like live, laugh, love ya know?

Or live, laugh, grow.

Truth is this whole thing has made so many of us appreciative.

Like so much respect to my wax lady Kara right now! Love you, BB!