Just like us, essential oils like eucalyptus, lavender and peppermint are so much more than what they appear to be.

As beautiful as their smells are, their benefits are even better. From anti-bacterial and stress relief traits to helping depression and aid digestion, essential oils can provide it all. Infused with potent ingredients essential oils can also often provide soothing benefits that can be extremely effective. Recently, we asked our FIERCE readers if they have any essential oils that they find particularly useful, and the responses were pretty helpful.

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Check out the recommended essential oils below and the brands that Latinas recommended.

Eucalyptus and lavender.

“Target has essentials oils in like sprays… So worth getting them! I have eucalyptus and lavender and with one spray, you’re good to go!” – cynthia_juarez25

“Lavender mixed with eucalyptus & rosemary is my favorite combo for a relaxing mood.” – e_tinez177

“It depends on what you want the oil to do. For pain, hot oils like lavender and peppermint are good. For freshness or a clean smell any citrus would be good. I love orange and lemon zest smells.” –j_rraeee

The top essential oils for headache relief

“Past tense Doterra for headache relief.” – alexestrella16

Which includes Peppermint


“Lavender to sleep and peppermint for headaches.” – mrs.hernandez_has_fans

“Young living is amazing! You can always join using the link in my bio, or dm me if you have questions. They’re safe for you, babies, and pups! Young living is a great emotional support & I’m so grateful for it.” – nikoily.essentials



“Grapefruit, good for soothing the soul, helps with addiction/recovery, mood enhancer. Frankincense, mood enhancer, soul cleansing, ancestor offering, grounding. Mint (all kinds) refreshing, cleansing, uplifting, clearing (keep it light if you have cats, it’s toxic to them) Ummm I could do this all day, should I go on?” – mixed_and_amused

Tea tree oil


“Tea tree oil! It’s like an all purpose cleaner but natural. Best part is it’s not just for cleaning, you can use it when you’re sick, have allergies, or for beauty purposes, repels bugs, and you can mix it with other oils to give it a bigger bang!!” – jacqueline.guti

“Lavender- keeps mosquitos away & it’s relaxing
Peppermint- keeps bugs away & keeps you fresh on a very hot day especially your thighs
Eucalyptus- helps stress
Those are my top 3. ” – _aineri


“Young living: Stress Away, Citrus Fresh, thieves!” – jackiee1920

“Patchouli and sweet orange are great for anxiety.” – krisalida3

And of course, Vicks was the most recommended

“Vicks is technically an essential oil” –gabrielleanais