In the age of stay-at-home orders, it’s likely that you’ve created an indoor jungle for your at-home office and you’re now a plant mami. And like any good mother, we want to create a nurturing (and kickass) home for our plant babies. If you’re currently scouting for status planters, we’ve got you covered. From design-minded people hoping to house their fiddle-leaf fig in uniquely shaped pots to eccentrics looking to freshen up dull rooms with colorful vases, there are countless stand-out pieces that satisfy a variety of tastes. Below, we put together a list of our favorite Latina ceramicists and artists designing gorgeous functional décor for your plantitas.

Jazmin de la Guardia

@franca_nyc / Instagram

Jazmin de la Guardia is a Paraguayan-Cuban artist and co-founder of Franca, a Brooklyn-based ceramics studio. Launched in 2016, Franca merges playful with modern to produce vases, planters, bottles, mugs and more. Its name comes from lingua franca, or common language. And with nearly 70,000 followers on Instagram alone, it’s safe to say Franca’s gorgeous designs and artistry speak to many.  

Vanessa Hernandez

@okay_mija / Instagram

Vanessa Hernandez is the artist behind Okay Mija, a collection of ceramics influenced by her Mexican background. The Los Angeles-based designer views ceramics as a form of storytelling. From the natural colors she paints with to her ancestors’ relationship with clay, she uses the art form to reflect on her own story, ethnicity, heritage and history.

Andrea Luna Reece

@lunareececeramics / Instagram

With a BFA in ceramics and a long career in art, Andrea Luna Reece merges her two passions to create charming handmade and painted ceramics you’ll love. Combining pastels and natural tones, her ‘70s-inspired patterned pieces emit a sunny joy. It’s no wonder Madewell teamed up with the Latina artist for a summer collection.

Areli and Bianca

@succulentmamis / Instagram

While Succulent Mamis is known for growing baby succulents, the brand sends their plantitas to shoppers in gorgeous mini pots. Areli and Bianca, the Latina duo behind the Los Angeles-based shop, spread empowering Spanglish messages with each succulent it grows. Inspiring notitas like “hermosa,” “you got this,” “echale ganas,” “dreamer” and “ponte las pilas” are written on each white or pink pot.


@potheadartllc / Instagram

Philadelphia-based artist Cristyn uses planters as her canvas. Through PotHead Art, LLC, the Afro-Puerto Rican creative paints abstract designs, floral patterns, portraits and more. Merging vibrant colors and textures, the talented artist has even created gorgeous celebrity-inspired pots of Latinx icons like Bad Bunny and Frida Kahlo. 

Mayra Trujillo

@dear_morenita / Instagram

In the East Bay, Xicana artist and healer Mayra Trujillo paints terra cotta pots through her brand Dear Morenita. Ranging in sizes, and including adorable mini magnet pots, her pieces are inspired by her cultural and spiritual heritage. From Frida Kahlo, to Lotería, to mal del ojo, her hand-painted designs will enliven any space.

Lu Jiménez

@the.majesty.collective / Instagram

In Canada, Afro-Dominican artist Lu Jiménez first started painting outlines of full-figured bodies on pots as a rebellious act and celebration of her own shape and size. Now, through The Majesty Collective, she uses pots both as a canvas for body love art and a way to create community among women of color.

Desiré Elena

@plantita.potss / Instagram

Back in California, Desiré Elena is the artist behind Plantita Pots. Painting on terra cotta pots, she vends original floral, abstract and patterned pieces and also takes commissions. With designs ranging in warm natural tones and bright summer hues, Plantita Pots has something special (and gorgeous!) for everyone.


@planterialatina / Instagram

Planteria Latina is a California-based nursery and gardening store. But Eunice, the Mexico-born, Long Beach-raised plantscaper and stylist behind the brand, also has a signature pot that sells out at nearly every digital or in-person pop-up: the mujer pot. Available in white on black or white on beige, this stunning planter has a minimalist face that’ll enrich any room with femme elegance.


@plant_base_ / Instagram

In Long Beach, Calif., decorative artist Christiana created Plant Base. Using natural tones of brown, beige, green and yellow, this Latina paints stunning patterns, figures and faces on planters. Each design carries an essence of warmth and welcome.