That’s right, your manicures just got a lot more high-tech!

While many of us are juuust coming out of the quarantine woodwork to head back to nail salons, beauty lounge straight out of Dubai, United Arab Emirates has been working away at keeping the nail game up to par when things get back to normal. The beauty nail salon is offering a “microchip manicure,” which gives a person a chance to share personal information literally at the flick of a nail.

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The Dubai-based salon called Lanour Beauty Lounge is giving high-tech manicure treatments to clients.

Lanour Beauty created the “Smart Nail” with a microchip that utilizes near-field communication (NFC) technology. The new form of technology allows a wearer to tip their finger towards a smart device like a phone. The chip can allow a person to share the information that you might typically keep on a business card i.e. Instagram information, phone details even your Venmo account.

In a promotional video for the Smart Nail, the salon expressed a desire to work the technology to ensure contactless payment.

Pretty perfect for our new post-pandemic habits! So far the current microchip for the nails are able to only hold a limited amount of information.

According to the branbd, the high-tech manicure costs nearly $68 USD for application.