February 14 is upon us, and with that comes Valentine’s Day (and our queen Karol G’s birthday, which is a holiday itself).

You might traditionally dread the day of romance, filled with fluorescent pink and red everything, messages of devotion and love between smiling couples, teddy bears, chocolate and everything sweet and just a bit empalagante especially if you’re single right now.

Even if you actually adore seeing happy couples show affection to each other on the holiday, we can all agree that Galentine’s Day makes it much more enjoyable if you’re flying solo at the moment. Turning the day on its head, Galentine’s Day is about showing all your amor y cariño to your friends, making them feel special, loved, and as increíble as they really are.

If you want to buy a perfect Galentine’s Day gift for your BFF, look no further than our definitive gift guide. We’ve brought together some of the most amazing Latinx-founded brands to bring you items that are thoughtful, sustainable, empowering, and adorable. These presents will make any friend’s heart beat faster — we recommend coupling the gift-giving with some wine (or tequila!), lots of chocolate, and maybe even a few episodes of “Velvet” because why not?

1. VH Skincare Gift Card ($100)

Courtesy of VH Skincare

First off, we have a gift card that’s a gateway to all things amazing skincare. Vanessa Hernandez is a first-generation Mexican-American skin expert, with celebs like Eiza Gonzalez and Gwyneth Paltrow notoriously going to Hernandez for her signature treatments. Your BFF will love this gift card for buying in-house products like VH Method’s Gold Collagen Eye Mask ($25), or going for other luxe brands like Skinceuticals and Vintner’s Daughter.

2. Herencia Cookbook ($30)

Courtesy of Herencia Cookbook

If your mejor amiga loves to cook and regularly invites you to her home for cochinita pibil nights or a couple of slices of her epic tres leches, then this cookbook is perfect. Authored by ​​Bernie Molina, who is half Salvadorian-American and half Mexican-American, this book is filled with 65 “SalviMex” recipes that include delicious tamales. Each recipe is accompanied by a story about the author’s mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and mother-in-law, paying tribute to Latina matriarchs.

3. Enriquez Wine Valentine’s Be Mine 1-Bottle Bundle ($150)

Courtesy of Enriquez Wine

Conversely, if you and your BFF love wine nights more than anything else in the world, why not give her the gift she’ll love the most? Enriquez Estate Wines was founded by Eduardo, his wife Ana and their daughter, Cecilia, who decided to embark on an adventure by purchasing a vineyard property on a whim a few years back. Ana’s family in Mexico is involved in agriculture, so it seemed like a perfect fit (although it also had “twists and turns”). This bundle includes one 2018 Tempranillo Rose from their vineyard, a terry bathrobe, and Enriquez Tempranillo cream chocolate truffles. Great for sharing, too!

4. Cuterie and Co Heart Shaped Plate ($75) 

Who doesn’t love good charcuterie? We’ll never say no to a good spread of cheese, cold cuts, bread, jam, and fruit — in fact, we will proudly say we could probably finish an entire board. And with some wine on the side? Rico es poco. We love Cuterie and Co, a Latina-owned charcuterie business based in New Mexico, Los Angeles, the OC and South Bay. With their Valentine’s specials now available for pre-order in both Albuquerque and California, we think this might be the most delicious Galentine’s gift out there. 

5. Bloomi Pom Vibrator ($95)

Courtesy of Bloomi

We believe in gifts that put female pleasure first, and who wouldn’t adore this small-but-mighty vibrator? The Pom vibrator is made out of soft 100% medical grade silicone, features five different patterns, is waterproof, and is free of phthalates, sulfates, and parabens. Plus, Bloomi was founded by Latina sexologist Rebecca Alvarez Story, who founded it as a sex-positive and body-positive marketplace. 

6. Vive Cosmetics Luchadora Lipstick ($20)

Courtesy of Vive Cosmetics

Cualquier amiga will absolutely love this lipstick, which packs a punch with a fiery scarlet “Luchadora” shade we can’t get enough of. Vive Cosmetics famously brings “beauty con cultura” to all of us, founded by first-generation Latinas Leslie and Joanna who wanted to make a brand that “authentically represents their community.” This lipstick is matte, full-coverage, cruelty-free, vegan, and “beso proof.” Sold!

7. Friendship Bridge Multipurpose Tray ($30)

Courtesy of Friendship Bridge

If your BFF just recently moved to a new apartment, or simply loves decorating her house with adorable homewares, look no further than this multipurpose tray. Anyone will love the bright floral design, great for placing candles on top, or even using it as a serving tray for charcuterie or movie night snacks. It is handmade in Cantel, Quetzaltenango by a woman named Micaela, so it is beautifully sustainable, too.

8. mitú Shop Latina Af Sweats ($37.49)

Courtesy of mitú Shop

If your BFF prefers staying in and watching movies over sparkly, epic club nights, or simply needs serious time to unwind after a bit of partying, may we recommend these perfect sweatpants? Emblazoned with “Latina AF” (yep, that’s us) and a cute red heart, grab a pair for you and your amiga to wear for your Galentine’s Day fête at home. Breathable, comfy, and featuring an elastic waistband, they come in both black and off-white.

9. Dezi Eyewear On Read Sunglasses ($65)

Courtesy of Dezi Eyewear

If you feel like the gal in your life needs some time to stop and smell the roses, grabbing a pair of sunglasses for her might inspire her to take a long, sunny drive or head to the beach. These cat-eye shades in a tortoiseshell-inspired “dark roast” shade are equal parts glamorous and mysterious, and they’re handmade with 100% UVA/UVB Protection. Dezi was founded by Mexicana social media star and businesswoman Desi Perkins, and the entire line is gorgeous.

10. Chantal Diaz NOIR Soy Candle ($36)

Courtesy of Chantal Diaz Collection

Your friends might all be incredibly fierce, empoderadas, and seriously hard workers — and what’s not to love about that? That being said, if you have a friend that lives a hectic life filled with Zoom meetings, paperwork, and maybe even kids, they absolutely need this candle. The black wax is so chic, while the NOIR scent features notes of tobacco, patchouli, and sandalwood — it is completely natural and vegan, too. This brand was founded in New York by Chantal Diaz whose family is from the Dominican Republic. 

11. Dahlia Artesanal Vaquita Rosa Lavaderito ($26.99)

Courtesy of Dahlia Artesanal

We absolutely love the idea of gifting our gal pals small lavaderitos this Galentine’s Day, which are perfect for scrubbing everything from makeup brushes to sponges. This lavaderito is completely handmade in Mexico, and is made of real cement and granite.

12. Thirty Years The Drift Tote ($84)


Courtesy of Thirty Years

Now that the year has started and we’re all finally getting into the swing of things, your friend might be craving a cute accessory to accompany her on grocery store runs, work, school, and everything in between. That’s where this tote comes in: with a puffy, cloud-like shape, it is water resistant, comes with an optional crossbody strap, has three pockets, and is made out of easy-to-clean nylon. We love the creamy neutral “pebble” hue, and the fact that the brand was founded by influencer Katy DeGroot or @LustreLux, who is part Mexican.

13. Shop Jitana Jug Vase ($85)

Courtesy of Shop Jitana

Do you have that one friend who loves interior design more than anything in the world, and who will gladly go to furniture stores before setting foot in a clothing boutique or a Sephora? Well, meet the gift she will probably love the most, ever. This gorgeous vase in aged taupe is artisanal to a tee, simple and rustic as a table centerpiece or filled with dried flowers. Each vase is handmade in Tonala, Mexico, making us love it even more. 

14. Rocio Rivera MAR Print ($25)

Courtesy of Rocio Rivera

If you have no idea what to get your BFF who just moved into a new place, or who doesn’t love makeup, clothes, or anything traditionally Galentine’s Day-inspired, may we introduce you to this print? As you can see, it is absolutely dreamy, comprised of a beautiful seascape anyone will love getting lost in everyday. Simply titled “MAR,” it was taken in San Francisco, California by Mexican photographer Rocio Rivera. As a self-described “mujer poderosa con sangre sinaloense,” we love to support her! 

15. Shop Starlow All Natural Linen Blazer ($70)

Courtesy of Starlow

Okay, so let’s say you do have that amiga that loves fashion and trends more than anything, ever. You know the one: the friend that is always on it when it comes to new Zara sales, who always has a new cute accessory she saw on TikTok, and whose closet you regularly raid because those high heels are too cute to pass up. Well, for her, look no further than this linen blazer. Flattering and versatile, the blazer is made of all-natural linen and cotton, and the shop was founded by Instagram influencer Valerie Estrella

16. Little Mixico Beauty Brow Lamination Kit ($45)

Courtesy of Little Mixico

If you love all things beauty then you probably know a thing or two about laminated brows. Giving you the fluffy brow trend that’s all over TikTok, lamination is where it’s at right now — all the more reason to love this super-cute D.I.Y. kit. Any friend will adore this, complete with three jar steps, enough strips for 10 lamination sessions, a beauty bag, beauty pad, and a bamboo brush. Plus, it was founded by Mexico City-born influencer Dani Rios, otherwise known as @littlemixico

17. Samantha Vo Handbag ($65)

Courtesy of Samantha Vo

Last but not least, we’re more than a little bit obsessed with Samantha Vo’s handbag collection, which is known to sell out immediately after each drop. As an upcycler and artist that gets inspired by her Mexican heritage, Vo is all about sustainability. She uses military surplus materials found on Facebook Marketplace to make the bags, making them unique, environmentally-conscious, and yes, beautiful. Grab one of these quick!